The Supernal Sisters: A Paranormal Mystery in Victorian Edinburgh

The Scotsman has published the seventh chapter of its new serial, The Supernal Sisters, a historical mystery with a paranormal twist. The serial follows the adventures of Edward Kane, a young advocate who gets involved in a series of mysterious and supernatural events in Edinburgh in the late 19th century. The serial is written by Ian Rankin, the bestselling author of the Inspector Rebus novels.

Chapter 7: ‘Almost Like a Real Gentleman’

The seventh chapter of the serial, titled ‘Almost Like a Real Gentleman’, continues the story of Edward Kane and his friend and colleague, Collins, as they investigate the mysterious death of a young woman named Mary Ann, who was found with a strange mark on her neck. The chapter also introduces a new character, Dr. Jekyll, a renowned scientist and philanthropist who offers to help Kane and Collins with their inquiry.

The chapter begins with Kane and Collins visiting Dr. Jekyll’s laboratory, where they are shown some of his experiments and inventions. Dr. Jekyll explains that he is interested in the duality of human nature, and that he has been working on a formula that can separate the good and evil aspects of a person. He also reveals that he has a connection to Mary Ann, as she was one of his patients at his charitable clinic. He says that he treated her for a blood disorder, and that he suspects that she was killed by a vampire.

Kane and Collins are skeptical of Dr. Jekyll’s theory, but they agree to work with him to find out more about Mary Ann’s life and death. They decide to visit her lodgings, where they find some clues that suggest that she was involved in a secret society called the Supernal Sisters, a group of women who claim to have supernatural powers and abilities. They also find a letter from a mysterious man named Mr. Hyde, who invites Mary Ann to meet him at a certain address.

The Supernal Sisters: A Paranormal Mystery in Victorian Edinburgh

Kane and Collins decide to follow the lead and go to the address, where they find a rundown building that seems to be a den of vice and crime. They are attacked by some thugs, but they manage to fight them off and enter the building. There, they find a room where Mr. Hyde is waiting for them. He is a hideous and deformed man, who claims to be Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego. He says that he is the one who killed Mary Ann, and that he plans to kill Kane and Collins as well. He also says that he is not a vampire, but something worse: a product of Dr. Jekyll’s formula, which unleashes the evil side of a person.

Kane and Collins are shocked and horrified by Mr. Hyde’s revelation, and they try to escape from him. However, Mr. Hyde is stronger and faster than them, and he catches up with them. He is about to kill them, when Dr. Jekyll arrives and intervenes. He says that he has been tracking Mr. Hyde, and that he has come to stop him. He says that he regrets creating Mr. Hyde, and that he wants to end his existence. He also says that he has a way to reverse the formula, and that he needs to inject Mr. Hyde with it.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde engage in a fierce struggle, while Kane and Collins watch in awe. Dr. Jekyll manages to inject Mr. Hyde with the antidote, but not before Mr. Hyde stabs him with a knife. Mr. Hyde then collapses and transforms back into Dr. Jekyll, who is mortally wounded. Dr. Jekyll asks Kane and Collins to forgive him for his sins, and to destroy his formula and his notes. He also asks them to keep his secret, and to protect the Supernal Sisters, who he says are in danger from a greater evil. He then dies in their arms.

The chapter ends with Kane and Collins leaving the building, carrying Dr. Jekyll’s body and his papers. They are shocked and saddened by what they have witnessed, and they wonder what to do next. They also wonder what the greater evil is, and who the Supernal Sisters are.

The Serial So Far

The Supernal Sisters is a serial that is published every week in The Scotsman, and that can be read online on their website. The serial is set in Edinburgh in the year 1886, and it follows the adventures of Edward Kane, a young advocate who gets involved in a series of mysterious and supernatural events. The serial is written by Ian Rankin, the bestselling author of the Inspector Rebus novels, and it is inspired by the classic works of Robert Louis Stevenson, Arthur Conan Doyle, Bram Stoker, and other writers of the Victorian era.

The serial has so far published seven chapters, and it has received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. The serial has been praised for its engaging plot, its historical accuracy, its atmospheric setting, and its clever references to the literary and cultural icons of the 19th century. The serial has also been compared to the popular TV series Sherlock, which is also a modern adaptation of the classic detective stories of Conan Doyle.

The serial has also attracted a lot of attention and speculation from the fans, who have been trying to guess the identity and the motives of the mysterious villains and the allies of Kane and Collins. The serial has also sparked a lot of discussion and debate about the themes and the messages of the story, such as the nature of good and evil, the role of science and religion, the status of women and minorities, and the social and political issues of the Victorian era.

The serial is expected to continue for several more chapters, and it promises to deliver more twists and surprises, as well as more revelations and connections to the literary and historical figures of the 19th century. The serial is also expected to explore more of the supernatural and paranormal aspects of the story, and to introduce more of the characters and the groups that are involved in the mystery of the Supernal Sisters.

How to Read the Serial

The serial can be read online on The Scotsman’s website, where the latest chapter is published every week. The previous chapters can also be accessed on the website, and they can be read for free. The serial can also be read on the mobile app of The Scotsman, which is available for both Android and iOS devices. The app also allows the readers to receive notifications and alerts when a new chapter is published, and to share their comments and opinions with other readers and with the author.

The serial can also be read in print, as The Scotsman publishes a special supplement every week that contains the latest chapter of the serial, as well as some additional features and information. The supplement also includes some illustrations and photographs that enhance the visual appeal and the authenticity of the story. The supplement can be purchased along with the newspaper, or it can be ordered separately online.

The serial can also be enjoyed in other formats, such as audio and video. The serial has been adapted into a podcast, which is narrated by the author himself, and which can be downloaded or streamed online. The podcast also features some sound effects and music that create a more immersive and dramatic experience for the listeners. The podcast can be accessed on The Scotsman’s website, or on various platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and others.

The serial has also been adapted into a web series, which is produced by The Scotsman and BBC Scotland, and which can be watched online. The web series is a faithful and faithful adaptation of the serial, and it features some of the best actors and actresses of Scotland, who bring the characters and the story to life. The web series also showcases the beautiful and historic locations of Edinburgh, which serve as the backdrop and the setting of the story. The web series can be watched on The Scotsman’s website, or on BBC iPlayer.

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