Storm Babet floods force hundreds to evacuate in Scotland

Red weather warning issued for parts of Angus and Aberdeenshire

A rare red weather warning for rain has been issued by the Met Office for parts of Angus and south Aberdeenshire, as well as western parts of Tayside, on Thursday. The warning, which means there is a danger to life from fast flowing or deep floodwater, is the first of its kind since Storm Dennis in February 2020.

Storm Babet is expected to bring 70mph gusts and more than a month’s worth of rain in the worst-affected regions of the UK. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has said they are expecting “extensive river and surface water flooding” that could cause damage to buildings and infrastructure, disrupt transport and power supplies, and affect water quality.

Brechin residents told to leave town as river levels rise

More than 350 homes are being evacuated amid a severe flood warning for the Brechin River and South Esk area, Angus Council has said. A rest centre is due to be set up this afternoon from about 3pm and nearby hotels will offer refuge.

The council will be going door-to-door soon to inform residents of the need to get out of their properties. They have also advised people to avoid travelling unless absolutely necessary and to follow the advice of emergency services.

The Brechin River is expected to reach its highest level since records began in 1978, according to SEPA. The agency has warned that the river could overtop its banks and flood the town centre, as well as surrounding areas such as Edzell, Stracathro and Inchbare.

Schools and early years centres closed in Angus

Schools and early years centres in Angus have closed at lunchtime on Thursday and will remain shut on Friday, the council has said. The decision was made in consultation with head teachers and based on the latest weather forecasts and travel advice.

storm babet floods scotland

The council has also cancelled all non-essential services and activities, such as waste collections, libraries, museums and leisure facilities. They have urged residents to check their website and social media channels for updates and information.

Angus Council leader David Fairweather said: “This is an unprecedented situation and we are doing everything we can to protect our communities and support our emergency services. We ask everyone to stay safe and follow the guidance.”

Northern parts of Dundee also affected by storm

Northern parts of Dundee are also included in the red weather warning zone, which extends northwards up the coast to Stonehaven. Inland areas to the east between Perth and Pitlochry are also affected.

Dundee City Council has said they are monitoring the situation closely and working with partners to respond to any issues. They have advised residents to prepare for possible flooding by moving valuables upstairs, securing outdoor items, checking drains and gutters, and having a flood kit ready.

The council has also warned drivers to avoid flooded roads and not to attempt to drive through water that is more than 10cm deep. They have asked people to report any flooding or drainage problems to their customer services team.

Storm Babet expected to ease by Friday

The Met Office has said that Storm Babet will gradually move eastwards across Scotland on Thursday night, bringing heavy rain and strong winds to many areas. However, the storm is expected to ease by Friday morning, with drier and brighter conditions developing.

The red weather warning for rain will expire at 11pm on Thursday, but yellow warnings for wind and rain will remain in place until Friday afternoon. The Met Office has advised people to stay alert and follow the latest weather updates.

SEPA has said that they will continue to monitor river levels and issue flood alerts and warnings as necessary. They have also asked people to sign up for their free Floodline service, which provides localised flooding information by phone, text or email.

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