Brechin resident refuses to evacuate amid Storm Babet floods

A man in Brechin, Scotland, has built a wall around his garden to protect his home from the floods caused by Storm Babet. He says he will not leave his home despite the evacuation order from the local authorities.

Storm Babet brings heavy rain and floods to Scotland

Storm Babet is a powerful weather system that has brought torrential rain and strong winds to parts of Scotland. The Met Office has issued a red weather warning for eastern Scotland, indicating a danger to life from flooding and disruption to transport and power supplies. Storm Babet could bring up to 220mm of rain in some areas, an amount close to the highest ever 24-hour total for a rainfall day in Scotland.

Brechin River and South Esk area under severe flood threat

The Brechin River and South Esk area in Angus is one of the most affected regions by Storm Babet. The river has burst its banks and flooded the nearby roads and fields. More than 350 homes are being evacuated amid a severe flood warning, which means there is a risk of significant harm or disruption. Angus Council has said it will go door-to-door to inform residents of the need to get out of their properties. A rest centre will be set up this afternoon and nearby hotels will offer refuge.

storm babet floods scotland brechin

John Stewart defies evacuation order and builds a wall

John Stewart, 82, is a resident of Brechin who says he has no intention of leaving his home despite the evacuation order. He told the PA news agency that he and his wife will not go because they have nowhere else to go. He also said that he has built a wall around his garden to protect his home from flood damage. He said the wall had successfully stopped water from getting in from the street previously where flooding was severe. He said he had to pay £3 each for sandbags because the council did not provide them. He said the council should look after the people in the area.

What will happen next?

The situation in Brechin and other parts of Scotland remains uncertain as Storm Babet continues to batter the country. The Met Office has warned that the rain will persist until Saturday morning, with some areas seeing further heavy downpours. The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has urged people to stay away from flood waters and follow the advice of the emergency services. It is not clear what will happen to John Stewart and his wife if they refuse to evacuate their home. Will they be able to withstand the floods or will they face serious consequences?

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