Celebrating Two Decades of Elevation: Stoddart Crane Hire’s 20th Anniversary

In the picturesque setting of the Black Isle Showfield, Stoddart Crane Hire marked a significant milestone, celebrating 20 years of lifting the industry’s standards. From humble beginnings with a single crane to commanding the most modern fleet in Scotland, this family-run firm has risen to become a towering presence in the crane hire sector.

Foundations of Success: The Stoddart Story

The journey of Stoddart Crane Hire is one of ambition and precision, beginning in 2004 with a Grove TM870 crane and a vision to reach new heights. Founder David Stoddart, alongside his children Ewan and Kerri, has steered the company through two decades of growth, fostering long-lasting partnerships and a reputation for excellence.

The company’s anniversary was not just a celebration of past achievements but also a testament to its community-driven ethos. The event, filled with joy and nostalgia, was a convergence of dedicated staff, loyal clients, and a supportive family, all integral to the firm’s success.

Stoddart Crane Hire anniversary celebration

Investing in the Future: Expansion and Modernization

Stoddart Crane Hire’s commitment to progress is evident in its recent £3 million investment to enhance its fleet and team. This strategic move ensures the company remains at the forefront of the industry, equipped with cranes ranging from 5Te to 250Te, ready to meet diverse client needs with the highest safety and technology standards.

The anniversary event also highlighted the firm’s dedication to social responsibility, supporting local charities like Highland Hospice and Mikeysline. This reflects the company’s belief in giving back to the community that has been a pillar of its success.

A Vision for Tomorrow: The Next 20 Years

As Stoddart Crane Hire looks to the horizon, the focus is on sustaining growth and continuing to provide unparalleled service. The firm’s trajectory is set to scale even greater heights, with an unwavering commitment to safety, innovation, and community engagement.

The legacy of Stoddart Crane Hire is not just measured in years but in the lives it has lifted and the structures it has elevated. As the company celebrates this landmark anniversary, it stands ready to build the future, one lift at a time.

By Axel Piper

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