Scottish First Minister’s wife fears for family trapped in Gaza

Nadia El-Nakla speaks out about her parents’ ordeal

Nadia El-Nakla, the wife of Scottish First Minister Humza Yousaf, has spoken of her fears for her parents, who have been trapped in Gaza since the Hamas attack on Israel. She told the BBC that her parents are “terrified” and have no electricity, water, or food. They travelled to Gaza last week to see a sick relative and are now unable to leave.

Hamas attack kills hundreds in Israel

The Hamas attack on Israel started on Monday, killing hundreds of people and injuring thousands more. Hamas fired rockets from Gaza into Israel, targeting civilian areas and critical infrastructure. Israel responded with air strikes and ground troops, aiming to destroy Hamas’ military capabilities and stop the rocket fire.

Gaza under siege and lockdown

Gaza, a densely populated coastal enclave controlled by Hamas, has been under a blockade by Israel and Egypt for years. The blockade restricts the movement of people and goods in and out of Gaza, creating a humanitarian crisis. The current conflict has worsened the situation, as the border crossings have been bombed and closed. There is no way for civilians to escape the violence or receive aid.

scottish first minister wife parents

Family faces impossible decision

Nadia El-Nakla said that her parents had hoped to leave Gaza on Tuesday, but the border with Egypt was destroyed. She said that they face an “impossible decision” if the border reopens, as her other relatives do not have UK passports. She said that she fears that she will never see them again if they stay in Gaza or if they leave without their family.

Relatives lose homes in missile strikes

Nadia El-Nakla also said that some of her relatives have had their homes reduced to rubble in the Israeli air strikes. She said that her aunt and cousin are now homeless and have nowhere to go. She said that she is worried about the impact of the war on her brother’s young children, especially his eight-week-old baby. She said that the baby’s arms “flail in fear” every time a bomb goes off.

Plea for humanitarian corridor and aid

Nadia El-Nakla made a plea for the creation of a humanitarian corridor in and out of Gaza, as well as for more aid to be delivered to the people. She said that this is a matter of international law and human rights. She also warned against any cuts to aid, saying that this is not a time to reduce resources for medical care, food, water, and basic needs.

Video message from mother in Gaza

Nadia El-Nakla’s mother, Elizabeth El-Nakla, recorded a video message from Deir al-Balah, a city in central Gaza. In the video, she said that she has four grandchildren in her home, including a two-month-old baby and two nine-year-old twins who celebrated their birthday on Tuesday. She said that they have no electricity, water, or food, and that they are living in fear of death. She asked the world to help the Palestinians.

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