Scots mum sentenced to prison for assaulting her ex and his new partner

A mother of two from Scotland has been jailed for 18 months after she attacked her former boyfriend and his new girlfriend in a fit of jealousy. The court heard how she punched, kicked, and bit the victims, leaving them with bruises and cuts.

A violent confrontation

The incident happened on 9 February 2023, when Kirsty McMillan, 32, went to the home of her ex-partner, Mark McLean, 35, in Glasgow. She had been drinking and taking drugs, and was angry that he had moved on with another woman, Nicole McPherson, 28.

She barged into the flat and confronted the couple, who were in bed. She shouted abuse at them and accused Mr McLean of cheating on her. She then proceeded to assault both of them, punching Mr McLean in the face and kicking Ms McPherson in the stomach. She also bit Ms McPherson’s arm, drawing blood.

The victims managed to escape and call the police, who arrived and arrested McMillan. She admitted to the assault and apologised for her actions. She claimed she had been suffering from depression and anxiety, and had been struggling to cope with the breakup.

A history of violence

The court also heard that McMillan had a previous conviction for assaulting Mr McLean in 2021, when she threw a glass at him and cut his forehead. She had been given a community payback order for that offence, but had breached it by failing to attend appointments.

Scots mum jailed

The defence lawyer, John McElroy, said McMillan was remorseful and had taken steps to address her alcohol and drug problems. He said she had been in a turbulent relationship with Mr McLean for seven years, and had two children with him. He said she had acted out of character and had lost control of her emotions.

The prosecutor, Lindsey Armstrong, said McMillan’s behaviour was unacceptable and had caused physical and psychological harm to the victims. She said McMillan had shown a disregard for the court’s orders and had not learned from her previous conviction.

A harsh sentence

The judge, Lady Stacey, said McMillan had committed a serious offence and had to face the consequences. She said McMillan had no respect for the law or the rights of others. She said McMillan had to serve a custodial sentence to deter her and others from committing similar crimes

She sentenced McMillan to 18 months in prison, reduced from 24 months because of her guilty plea. She also imposed a non-harassment order, banning McMillan from contacting Mr McLean and Ms McPherson for five years.

The victims welcomed the sentence and said they hoped McMillan would get the help she needed. They said they wanted to move on with their lives and forget the ordeal.

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