Scots Mum’s Guilt: Navigating a Rare Condition with Love and Resilience


Christina Kuczerepa, a 38-year-old mother from Edinburgh, recently shared her emotional journey after her son, Zander, was diagnosed with a rare skull condition shortly after birth. The news left her feeling isolated and overwhelmed, but her determination and love for her child helped her navigate the challenges that lay ahead.

The Diagnosis: Metopic Craniosynostosis

During a routine pregnancy scan, doctors noticed an unusual head shape in Zander. However, they assured Christina and her partner, Alexander, that they would contact them if there were any concerns. Unfortunately, the diagnosis came after Zander’s premature birth: metopic craniosynostosis, a condition where the infant’s skull plates fuse together before birth. Zander needed a daunting operation on his forehead bones to correct it.

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Facing the Unknown

The uncertainty surrounding Zander’s condition compounded Christina’s feelings of guilt. She blamed herself, wondering if her role as the carrier somehow contributed to his condition. The impending surgery weighed heavily on her, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when everything felt shut off. Christina grappled with fear, anxiety, and the weight of responsibility.

The Operation and Beyond

Zander’s surgery took place when he was 16 months old. The procedure involved cutting from ear to ear, separating the fused bones, and reshaping his forehead. The medical terminology made it even more terrifying for Christina. She also shared that Zander exhibited signs of autism, leading her to question whether the conditions were linked. Despite reassurances from her husband and others, she couldn’t shake the feeling of guilt.

Christina’s story highlights the emotional rollercoaster parents face when their child is diagnosed with a rare condition. Her resilience, love, and determination to support Zander serve as an inspiration. As parents, we often blame ourselves, but ultimately, our unwavering love and commitment guide us through the darkest moments.

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