Farmer’s terrifying ordeal after being attacked by cows in Scotland

A farmer from Scotland has shared his harrowing experience of being trampled and gored by a herd of cows while he was out walking his dog. The incident left him with serious injuries and a fear of going back to the fields.

How it happened

David Smith, 67, was walking his border collie Meg on his farm near Dumfries on February 18, 2024, when he encountered a group of about 20 cows with calves. He said he tried to avoid them, but they suddenly became aggressive and charged at him.

He said: “They just went for me. They knocked me down and started trampling on me. They were kicking me and butting me with their heads. I thought I was going to die.”

He managed to crawl under an electric fence, but one of the cows followed him and gored him in the leg with its horn. He said he felt a sharp pain and saw blood gushing out of his wound.

He said: “I was lying there, helpless and bleeding. I thought I was finished. I was shouting for help, but no one could hear me.”

His rescue and recovery

Luckily, his dog Meg stayed by his side and barked loudly, alerting his wife Linda, who was in the farmhouse. She called an ambulance and ran to his aid with a neighbour.

He said: “Meg saved my life. She was amazing. She never left me. She was barking and licking my face, trying to keep me awake.”

Farmer’s terrifying ordeal

He was taken to Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary, where he underwent surgery to repair the damage to his leg. He also suffered bruises and cuts all over his body.

He said: “The doctors said I was lucky to be alive. They said the horn missed my femoral artery by a millimetre. If it had hit that, I would have bled to death in minutes.”

He spent four days in the hospital and is now recovering at home. He said he is grateful for the support of his family, friends and neighbours, who have been helping him with his farm work and chores.

He said: “I’m very thankful to everyone who helped me. I couldn’t have done it without them.”

The aftermath and advice

He said he has been farming for over 40 years and has never had such a terrifying encounter with cows before. He said he doesn’t know what triggered their attack, but he suspects they were protecting their calves.

He said: “I’ve always respected cows and kept a safe distance from them. I don’t know why they turned on me. Maybe they saw me as a threat to their young ones.”

He said he is now scared of going back to the fields and facing the cows again. He said he hopes to overcome his fear and resume his normal life soon.

He said: “I love farming and I love my animals. I don’t want to give up on them. But I’m very wary of cows now. I don’t trust them anymore.”

He also warned other farmers and walkers to be careful around cows, especially during the calving season. He said: “Cows can be very unpredictable and dangerous. They are not cuddly creatures. They are powerful and heavy animals. They can kill you if they want to.”

He said: “If you see cows with calves, stay away from them. Don’t go near them. Don’t try to pet them or feed them. Don’t let your dog chase them or bark at them. Just leave them alone and they will leave you alone.”

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