Scotland’s ‘Nan Zone’: A Goal Against Loneliness

In a heartwarming response to the isolation many elderly citizens face, Scotland has introduced its first ‘Nan Zone’ at a Maryhill supermarket. This initiative, launched by Asda, aims to unite elderly Scots to enjoy the Euros with friends, tackling loneliness and fostering community spirit during the football season.

Kickoff Against Solitude

The ‘Nan Zone’ is more than just a place; it’s a beacon of companionship. Asda’s research revealed that over 1.9 million elderly Scots would be watching the Euros alone. To counter this, the supermarket has set up a dedicated area for the elderly to watch the games, cheer on their team, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow fans.

The first paragraph introduces the problem of elderly loneliness. The second paragraph explains Asda’s solution with the ‘Nan Zone’. The third paragraph describes the atmosphere and purpose of the zone.

Elderly Scots Enjoying Euros Together

Community Champions

Asda’s Community Champions, like Ryan Rooney from Maryhill, are the playmakers of this initiative. They’ve organized events with local church groups to bring people together, turning a simple game into a community festival. Asda encourages all its stores across Scotland to follow suit, creating their own ‘Nan Zones’.

The first paragraph highlights the role of Community Champions. The second paragraph details the events they’ve organized. The third paragraph encourages other stores to create similar zones.

A United Front

The ‘Nan Zone’ is Asda’s strategy to combat loneliness, especially among the elderly. It’s a testament to the power of sports to unite people. David Hills, Asda’s Chief Customer Officer, and Ryan Rooney both emphasize the importance of community and the joy of bringing people together to support their team.

The first paragraph discusses the strategy behind the ‘Nan Zone’. The second paragraph quotes Asda’s executives on the importance of the initiative. The third paragraph reflects on the impact of the ‘Nan Zone’ on the community.

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