Scotland Fans Who Cycled 500 Miles to Euro 2024 Share Their Journey

Edinburgh, Scotland – A group of dedicated Scotland fans embarked on an extraordinary journey, cycling 500 miles from Edinburgh to Cologne to follow the national team at Euro 2024. Led by charity champion Callum Mill, the pals set off from Hearts FC’s Tynecastle Stadium, pedaling through picturesque landscapes, overcoming challenges, and spreading goodwill along the way. Their adventure was fueled by passion for football, camaraderie, and a desire to raise awareness and funds for charitable causes.

The 500-Mile Challenge

Why walk 500 miles when you can cycle? Inspired by Scotland’s qualification for the Euros, the group decided to pedal their way to Germany. The journey took them through Haddington, Northumberland, Newcastle, and Amsterdam, before finally arriving in Cologne. Despite torrential rain and sore muscles, they persevered, sharing their love for Scotland with everyone they met.

Scotland fans cycling to Euro 2024

Charity and Community

Callum Mill, who works for the Big Hearts Community Trust and Bikes for Refugees, organized the trip. Along the way, they raised nearly £1,500 for charities. Their adventure culminated in a charity football match between Scotland over 35s and Koln over 35s in Cologne.

The Joy of Arrival

Arriving in Cologne, surrounded by fellow Scotland fans, the cyclists felt a sense of accomplishment. Their journey was both challenging and rewarding, a testament to their dedication and love for the game. Now, they hope to continue raising funds and making a positive impact.

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