“Rigged”: A Sustainable Beacon Celebrating Aberdeen’s Industrial Heritage

Aberdeen, Scotland – Obiajulu Umeji, a Master of Architecture student graduating from the Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment, has designed an innovative museum called “Rigged.” This groundbreaking building celebrates Aberdeen’s industrial heritage and its deep-rooted relationship with the North Sea. Let’s explore this remarkable project:

Rigged, a visionary museum, stands poised to transform Aberdeen’s historic harbor. Crafted from recycled oil rigs, this architectural marvel embodies environmental sustainability, cultural significance, and a commitment to a greener future. Let’s delve into the details of this groundbreaking project.

Aberdeen harbor

Subheading 1: A Museum Born from Recycled Oil Rigs

The heart of Rigged lies in its unique construction. Situated in Aberdeen’s historic harbor, this museum is 90% crafted from recycled oil rigs, including those that are currently decommissioned or soon to be. The project draws inspiration from the city’s industrial past, repurposing offshore assets to address sustainability challenges.

Subheading 2: Pioneering Green Energy and Rich History

Rigged is more than a structure; it’s a testament to resilience and innovation. The building draws energy from the harbor, harnessing hydrogen and wind from the North Sea. Visitors can explore the sea’s diverse ecosystems, its exploitation of resources, and Aberdeen’s commitment to a sustainable future.

Subheading 3: A Striking Addition to Aberdeen’s Cultural Landscape

As a beacon of environmental and social sustainability, Rigged enriches Aberdeen’s cultural heritage. It symbolizes change, urging us to address the climate emergency. This exciting tourist attraction intertwines history with promise, inviting visitors to explore and learn.

By Axel Piper

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