Prawns Vs Shrimp Vs Crawfish

Choosing shrimp, prawn or crawfish is an every day occurrence for most people. Whether you are eating them as snacks, in recipes, or ordering them at restaurants, there are some basic rules to know!

As with any kind of seafood, how well it tastes depends on what kind of fish or shellfish it is paired with. For example, spicy dishes like Thai food taste great with curry-based sauces and toppings which work well with cooked chicken or shrimp.

This article will talk about which one is best when and why! So, stay tuned and read on for more information here on our website. We’ll go over the pros and cons of each so that you can make the right choice for you.

Disclaimer: The content in this article should not be used as medical advice since we don’t prescribe or dispense medication and no product mentioned was validated by Anuya Dhirani, MSc, RDN, CDT as a cure for anything outside of nutritional counseling. Only speak with your doctor or dietician regarding any health condition or illness.

Which One Is Best?

It really comes down to personal preference. Each type of seafood has its own flavor and none are better than the other. However, many people associate certain ones with having enough zinc. That is why we have included some tips below!

Zinc is an essential nutrient needed for healthy growth and immune function.

Difference between shrimp and crawfish

prawns vs shrimp vs crawfish

While most people know what prawns are, few are familiar with how to cook them properly. Luckily, we have some tips for you here!

Prawns (also known as sea scallops) are actually shell-covered crayfish that come from oceans all over the world. They grow in size during their swimming stage, which is why they are considered advanced cuisine.

Crawfish or “crayfish” as many like to call them are not necessarily related to prawns. A true crawfish must swim within its protective carapace, so it does not need to develop thick skin.

As such, cooked crawfish will be bright red and taste very strong due to all of the iron in their system. Most people agree that even though they may be called ‘prawns’, they do not like eating them!

Shrimps also do not require a heavy seasoning but instead prefer oil and salt to flavor. This makes them more versatile than either crawfish or prawns since you can mix and match seasonings depending on your personal tastes!

This article will talk about the differences between shrimp, crawfish and prawns, and then discuss how to prepare each one.

Which is better?

prawns vs shrimp vs crawfish

All three of these delicious shellfish are made of protein, which is an important nutrient for your health. Plus, they’re all low in calories, typically less than 100 per serving!

But what makes one type of shellfish more nutritious or “healthy” than another? It comes down to how much zinc you get from each one.

Zinc is an essential mineral that helps keep your skin healthy and aids in immune system function. Unfortunately, most people aren’t getting enough zinc by eating only meat alone — even if it’s chicken, beef, pork, or fish.

Zinc levels tend to decrease as kids grow taller, so parents especially need to make sure their children are consuming enough zinc while they’re growing.

Because oysters are the richest source of zinc we can eat them regularly, 1 ounce (28 grams) of cooked bivalves provides about 4% of our daily value of this vital micronutrient.

That means if you ate one ounce of raw oysters every day, you would meet your daily goal of nutritional requirements. If you like spicy food though, use caution when cooking and adding hot sauces because those contain capsaicin, which could reduce zinc absorption.

If you love any of these shellfish but want to ensure they’re as rich in zinc as possible, try having them cooked with salt instead of using fresh herbs or other additives.

When to choose one over the other


Choosing good quality prawn, shrimp or crawfish dishes depends mostly on what kind of food you like and what types of foods you are able to eat. If your favorite food is chicken then probably stick with chicken since it does not require too much cooking time.
If you prefer fish than salmon would be the best choice as it is more healthful and there are many recipes made with it.

For those who love spicy foods have got a lot of choices when buying seafood.

How to cook them

prawns vs shrimp vs crawfish

All three of these delicious shellfish are cooked similarly, but some tips depend on what kind you have and how hungry you are! As with any seafood, make sure your plate is completely clean before moving onto the next course.

If you do find yourself running out of time, the best tip we have is to use a thermometer to check that your prawn temperature is at least 50°C (122°F) when cooking them broil or bake style. For shrimp, that’s usually half a pound (226 g) per person!

For crawfish, never let them touch water as this would grow more bacteria and potentially poison you. To roast them either under a broiler or in an oven, just ensure they’re not sitting in saltwater for too long!

Once they’ve been cooked properly, let them sit briefly so they can re-compact and taste better and eat more slowly to enjoy all of its flavors.

Use lemon to help them taste better

prawns vs shrimp vs crawfish

When cooking pomfrets, shrimp, crawdads or even crayfish, there is an easy way to go about it!

Simply fry them in butter with salt and pepper as flavorings and then season with either tartar sauce, cocktail sauce or both. They will cook more evenly that way!

If you like a little bit more oomph than plain old fries and salted toppings, try mixing in some fresh herbs or garlic powder before serving.

Try different types of dishes


When it comes to choosing fresh seafood, there are three main species- prawns, shrimp, and crawfish. All three of these can be cooked in several ways.

Not only that, but depending on what kind of cuisine you like, some people prefer one over the other. For example, more continental styles of cooking may ask that you not use butter when sautéing the fish or vegetables.

So how do you know which ones to avoid using fat? If they call for coconut oil, then look out! That’s definitely not healthy.

Everyone has their own personal preferences in foods. What seems delicious to one person might make them feel sick or worse if they have no tolerance for fats. People also vary in how much fat they need to enjoy food, so check out your body and see what works for you.

Use spices to enhance their flavor


As mentioned before, all three of these foods are made in kitchens across the globe, but they do not use the same raw materials or cookware. Therefore, what kind of shell pasta you use for them makes a difference in how your meal is cooked and what types of sauces it can have.

Some recipes require shaped panko breadcrumbs which means that people with diet restrictions may need to know which type of crumbly bread they use in the recipe. Others may need par-cooked shrimp so those who cannot eat raw ones do not have to worry about this!

All three of these seafood favorites can be seasoned with various seasonings and dried herbs to add more taste to the food. People tend to differ in what their personal preferences are, so try experimenting with different blends to see which one changes when eating the food and whether or not they like them.

Serve with chips


While most people know what prawn, shrimp or crawfish are, some may be confused as to which one is better. It depends on your preference! Most people agree that all three of these fish can be cooked under the same conditions, but some say that one kind tastes better than another.

It really comes down to personal taste. If you like strong flavors, then definitely choose butter or white wine vinegar as your cooking liquid for either type of shellfish. This will give them more flavor!

For some, it makes no difference which kind they use in the recipe. For others, it does. Some people prefer the lighter tasting ones (shrimp) while others love the stronger, almost meaty flavor (crawfish).

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