Fuming Family Left Without Car After Pothole Nightmare

A fed-up family has been left without the use of their car for two months after it was damaged by a pothole. Muthuganesh Muthukrishnan, 44, was forced to put his Volvo into a garage after he drove over a huge hole on Riccarton Mains Road in Currie, Edinburgh.

The Pothole Ordeal

The family’s ordeal began when they encountered the massive pothole. Despite their efforts to avoid it, the damage was done. The car suffered significant harm, leaving them without reliable transportation.

Damaged road with potholes

Seeking Repairs

Muthukrishnan promptly took the Volvo to a garage for repairs. However, the process has been frustratingly slow. Two months later, they are still waiting for their car to be roadworthy again.

The Impact

Being without a car has disrupted their daily lives. Commuting, running errands, and managing family responsibilities have become challenging. The family hopes that authorities will address the pothole issue to prevent similar incidents in the future.

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