Maine Coon Kittens Short Hair

The term ‘Maine coon cat’ comes from the state of Maine, where these cats were originally bred in large numbers for their unique fur coloration and breed characteristics. As with any new coat style, there are those who love them and those that don’t!

Whether your passion is to adopt or foster one, educate yourself about the different types of Minkie coats so you can choose which one is best for you and your home.

Many people believe that all Maine coons have short hair but this isn’t always the case! Some long haired varieties exist– just not as many. This article will talk about some potential reasons why longer hairs may be more attractive than shorter ones.

There are several ways to determine if a longer coat is what you want by looking at the kitty within. If she looks happy and content, go forward with the deal!

Also, keep an eye out for behaviors like grooming, self expression (lots of play) and interest in other things. A loner kitten might grow into someone else later on, but a socialized young adult cat probably won’t.

Difference between Maine Coon and Russian Blue cats

maine coon kittens short hair

The most important difference is that a Maine Coon cat has longer, thicker fur than a Russian blue cat. This makes them much warmer!

Maine coons are also known as big-cat hybrids. Because they have both long hair and strong markings, they are very attractive and unique.

However, not every individual will have this type of coat. Some individuals will still be beautiful because of their shorter, thinner fur. It is similar to human skin tone – some people have light brown or olive toned skin which is quite lovely.

Overall, even if you don’t get to see a lot of variations of Maine coons, your kitty can help you enjoy other aspects of being warm and cozy!

This article will talk about why it is important to research breed differences, and how to tell if a kitten is a purebred cat.

Which cat breed should I get?

All cats are individuals, which is another term for saying they have different personalities! Some like to be cuddled all the time, while others prefer more independent behaviors.

When choosing between two similar breeds of cat, such as British short-haired tabbies or Russian dwarf longhairs, how much time you want to spend with your new kitten will play a big factor in deciding which one you choose.

A lot of people believe that it’s just a matter of which one likes you better, but that isn’t always the case. As humans can learn, some dogs develop special bonds that go beyond friendship.

For example, many dog owners report having emotional connections with their pets that go well beyond what would typically be expected from an animal.

These relationships may include love and loyalty, or complete devotion even when you aren’t in a position to take care of the pet anymore.

Do all Maine Coons look the same?

maine coon kittens short hairWhile some people may assume that every Maine coon looks like each other, this is not always the case! Some breed members can have very different looking cats depending upon their coat pattern and color.

Just because someone says they are buying a “Maine coon” does not mean that they will be getting a cat with long, thick hair. Many individuals say they want a “cozy pet” which makes them think that they will get a black or dark brown furry friend.

Sadly, most purebred dogs are not considered companions unless they are of certain breeds. Due to this, many dog owners find themselves leaving their pets at home more often than not.

If you are thinking about adopting a Maine coon kitten then make sure you research your favorite shelters and adoptions centers before bringing one home. You do not want to end up giving away your money only to be disappointed later.

What is a good age for a kitten?


As we mentioned before, different breeds of cat require different amounts of socialization to help them be socially stable as adults. This goes beyond just teaching your dog or cat to sit down and stay still!

Kittenhood is a very vulnerable time for any animal. They are born completely dependent on their mothers milk, and need close attention until they are able to self-feed. Unfortunately, most kittens these days are not given this opportunity.

Most breeders will separate newborns from their parents immediately after birth to prevent weight loss due to lack of breastfeeding. This doesn’t allow for much bonding between mother and offspring.

Some may also be raised in isolated colonies where only one other cat exists their whole life, which can have negative effects later on. These cats may develop separation anxiety or psychological issues when they meet new people at adulthood.

A few breeds like the Siamese and Russian Blue may be more tolerant of early isolation but it is never recommended practice unless you are sure of adequate housing and safety resources for the adult cat.

What about their health?

maine coon kittens short hairWhile some color variation is normal, very dark or diluted fur can be concerning for kittens under one year of age. If your kitten has thin hair that is mostly white with only small amounts of solid black fur, chances are they have low levels of sebum (oiling agent) which could indicate poor grooming habits.

If you notice signs such as drooling, difficulty breathing, weight loss, or if their skin becomes more red and swollen than usual, take them to the vet right away! Your veterinarian will run tests to determine if their lungs are working properly and whether they need medical treatment.

Fortunately, most cases of color change in cats are harmless and treatable. The problem usually goes away within two weeks to months depending on what causes it.

Making sure your kitty gets adequate nutrition and exercise is important for overall wellness and potential recovery. Make sure to brush your cat’s coat frequently to remove knots and tangles.

Are they friendly?


As mentioned before, most people will agree that cats are very intelligent animals. This means that if you spend time with them, they learn how to connect! When kittens grow up, they begin to explore their environment by moving around and exploring different things.

A lot of times young kids get scared when they see or meet your cat for the first time because they do not know what to make of him/her. However, most cats are pretty friendly and socialized. If you ever encounter an uncomfortable moment, give your kitten some extra love by petting or holding her so she feels comfortable.

Kittens also need attention at least twice a day, every two to four hours depending on their age. They require about eight minutes per session, one minute for each stage of play (rolling, crawling, jumping etc.). The more this happens, the more socially stable your feline friend becomes.

If possible, try to take your dog out during these sessions as a second caregiver. That way your child can watch the interactions and learn from it.

Are they house trained?

maine coon kittens short hairThe main reason people get cats as pets is because they want to be connected with other life forms, someone who cares for them, and these are very interactive animals.

Most breeders will require pet parents to take their cat home alone before giving it to them as a kitten. This is so that if the new owner cannot handle the cat or it does not like them, they can find another home for it without having to refund money!

This is great if you know what you’re looking for and have time to look until you find it, but it may be difficult finding one that isn’t already owned. A lot of people start adopting kittens at around six months old when they are more independent.

Since most Maine coons are indoor dogs, they may need some extra training to teach them how to use the bathroom outside of being housetrained. Some owners say this can sometimes be a struggle, even up to two years!

Be sure to spend time with your kitty to see if they seem comfortable around other animals.

How big will they get?


As your kitten grows, she may go through different hair growth stages. This is called fur stage identification. The first time most kittens are exposed to other cats or dog fur, it can be confusing as to what kind of coat they will have later in life.

If you look at some of the biggest cat fanciers around, such as Queen Elizabeth II, Winston Churchill, and Barack Obama, all had a matted undercoat that was thick and long! That’s why it is important to understand your kitty’s coat development before deciding if your kitty is too young to shave.

Most young cats only need a light ruffing (the fluffy underlayer) due to soft skin. But as they grow up, their hairs become thicker and longer until they reach this heavy undercoat layer.

This process usually takes one to two years depending on how fast each individual cat ages. During these years, make sure to give your furry friend lots of love and attention so she feels comfortable and confident.

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