Blue Fawn Razor Edge Pitbull

While some people describe pit bulls as “man-eating monsters,” this is not always the case. Some strains are more aggressive than others, just like any other dog breed.

Some individuals will exaggerate or even create false stories about dogs in an attempt to gain attention and/or sympathy for themselves or their cause. This can be very misleading to readers who do not know these dogs well.

It is important to understand that each individual animal is shaped by different experiences and relationships. A one minute interaction with a dog may mean something totally different depending on whether you meet it for the first time outside of a shelter or if you have known it your whole life.

Certain behaviors are determined by genetics, environmental factors, and training. Only after taking all three into account can we determine what exactly makes a particular dog act aggressively towards certain things or people.

Many breeds of dog are inherently friendly and socialized early on so they learn how to interact with other animals and humans. However, there are many cases where a puppy or adult dog still needs extra work when interacting with other species or types of animals.

This article will talk mostly about aggression in male pit bull type dogs but similar behavior patterns exist in female pit bulls too! These dogs need close supervision and understanding to ensure they are never hurt due to poor socialization.

Who are the Blue Fawn Razor Edge pitbulls?

blue fawn razor edge pitbull

The name “Razor” comes from the term razor edge, which refers to the very thin layer of skin that covers the hard bone in some areas of the dog’s face. This thin layer of skin is what gives the pooch its distinctive look!

The word “Edge” comes from the same source as the term razor — it refers to the way the dogs facial bones stick out just a little bit more than other breeds.

Blues was one of the first breeders to combine these two qualities into his lines by creating a series of puppies with particularly dramatic looking faces. These include not only the Razor Edge but also the slightly slanted eyes and drop ears that have made this line so popular.

Blue fawn coloration originated around 1850 when English foxhounds were imported to America. Since then there have been many variations in both colors and patterns. Some believe the solid blue color came directly from the hound parent, while others say it is an all white variant.

General numbers tell us that most dogs spend about 1-2% of their life sleeping, so if you add up all the hours they are awake during their day, it adds up quickly! When they wake up for a snack or play session, they need somewhere to go to get comfortable. If your dog does not have a bed, you will be investing in a new friend soon!

There are several types of beds available for dogs.

Does the Blue Fawn Razor Edge come with a warranty?

Unfortunately, no company that makes quality dog toys does is without a return policy. Most companies have at least a one-year warranty for their products which is why it is important to research your purchase.

This comes in very helpful if you are having trouble deciding whether or not to buy something new. You can go through some return policies and see what people got their refund from as well as how much was spent on the product to determine if this company is worth the money.

Some may also include additional warranties such as a manufacturer’s warranty or an extended warranty within the first year of use. This way you get two years free!

Since most toy manufacturers offer a returns policy, do not waste your hard earned money on a bad choice. Make sure to do your homework before buying anything new.

Who makes the Blue Fawn Razor Edge?


The steel used to make razors is extremely important! You want to make sure you are using high quality material that will hold up for years to come. There are several brands that create razors from different metals, but none compare to the quality of HORIZION!

HORIZON is a type of steel made into razor blades. It is known as “Tri-chromium” steel because of three key components: Chromium, Molybdenum, and Iron. These 3 elements work together to give your blade some special properties:

Stability – Each component plays an essential part in ensuring good hardness or toughness of the steel. Without these additives, the iron would take over and become too soft.

– Each component plays an essential part in ensuring good hardness or toughness of the steel. Without these additives, the iron would take over and become too soft. Durability – All three ingredients help prevent brittle breaking down of the metal. This gives you longer lasting blades that can handle heavy use.

– All three ingredients help prevent breaking down of the metal. This gives you longer lasting blades that can handle heavy use. Sharpening ability – Because each element contributes differently to the overall strength, it allows for more versatile shapes and angles to be manufactured. Blades with this brand have very flexible heads which allow them to be easily resharpened.

What are the different sizes of the Blue Fawn Razor Edge?

blue fawn razor edge pitbullThe length of the blade is called the razor edge, or extended handle. There are three main types of razors with this extended handle design: double-edge blades, single-edge blades, and bi-directional (also referred to as hybrid) blades.

Double-edged blsades have one sharp edge that comes together at a 90 degree angle. These are typically the best choice for people who like smooth grooming sessions because you only need to push through slightly more hair to get close enough to cut it.

Single edged blades have one clearly defined edge, making a sharper point than a double edge razor. This style of razor is better for people who prefer a little bit harder work when shaving their skin because they must apply more pressure to achieve a good shave.

The final type of extended handle razor we will discuss here is the Hybrid Blade. These use both a single edge and a double edge in one shaver head. Some manufacturers claim that using a hybrid blade allows you to enjoy the benefits of each tip style while reducing dryness due to its shape. However, no major studies have been done proving this theory to be true.

How do I buy the Blue Fawn Razor Edge?

blue fawn razor edge pitbullAt this time, there is no way to purchase the Blue Fawn Razor edge directly from Amazon or PetSmart! That does not look good for their brand name because of how popular this dog breed has become.

You can still get one at most pet stores though, so that is an option. Make sure you research the type of dog safety crate bedding they use before buying one for your puppy.

Some brands are much more durable than others and will last longer. We recommend using a washable cover as opposed to plastic since it may pose a risk for health if your puppy gets wet.

What are the different colors of the Blue Fawn Razor Edge?

blue fawn razor edge pitbullThe most popular color for this breed is what they refer to as “Razor Edge” or “Double-Edge” dogs. These puppies have black mask, dark brown nose points, dark brown ear cuffs that extend down past the ears, and white chests and feet.

Some people may perceive these whites and blacks as looking like scars but it is actually due to the shape of their muscles. This is called splaying and it looks cool!

The gray area in between the two colors is because some individuals don’t know how tan markings should look so they just leave it out.

What are the different materials of the Blue Fawn Razor Edge?


The blades that make up these razors come from either carbon steel, titanium or ceramic material. Carbon steel is typically what people use to make knives because it’s less expensive than higher alloyed steels like S30V and 1095.

Carbon steel will also react with your blood more easily which can be good or bad depending on how you process the cut. Titanium and ceramic material require much longer to heat up so they are safer for extremely sensitive skin and hard to reach areas.

Titanium is probably the most popular option today as many manufacturers add laser engraved patterns onto the blade surface which help create a smoother shave. Some even have texture the same way shark teeth do!

What makes one style of razor edge better than another really depends on personal preference. Each has their strengths and weaknesses but none are inherently superior over the other unless you happen to love thin very sharp blades.

What are the different textures of the Blue Fawn Razor Edge?


The first thing people notice about this dog is his beautiful coloration! He has a very unique pattern that includes white, gray, tan, and dark brown markings on his body. These include diagonal lines across his face, chest, legs, and even some toes.

He also has two small black paws which match his nose tip. All of these features combine to form what many refer to as his “razor edge” look. This name comes from the way his fur seems to flow in slightly raised areas.

This effect becomes more noticeable as he grows and matures. While it may seem like a scary feature at first, it actually creates an extremely attractive appearance. Many owners say that they can never get rid of the constant attention he gets because of it!

His overall texture is one of softness. Even though he is a strong breed, he only uses strength when needed. Due to his low growl bar, he is considered a calm friendly dog who would make a good family pet.

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