Jockstrap: The Mercury Prize Nominees Who Are Redefining Pop Music

How the duo met at a music school and created their eclectic sound

Jockstrap are a musical duo who have been making waves in the UK music scene with their experimental and genre-bending sound. The pair, Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye, met at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, where they studied jazz violin and electronic music respectively. They bonded over their love of pop music and their desire to challenge its conventions.

Ellery, who is also a member of the indie band Black Country, New Road, says that she grew up listening to romantic composers like Tchaikovsky and Brahms, as well as house music and rave culture in her native Cornwall. Skye, who hails from a market town in the East Midlands, says that he was influenced by EDM producers like Skrillex and Flux Pavilion, as well as minimalist composers like Philip Glass.

Together, they create a unique blend of classical, folk, electro, pop, and more, using Ellery’s delicate vocals and violin, and Skye’s distorted and glitchy production. Their songs are unpredictable and adventurous, often switching from serene melodies to chaotic noises in a matter of seconds.

How they signed to Warp Records and released their debut album

Jockstrap caught the attention of the legendary electronic label Warp Records, which is home to artists like Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, and Flying Lotus. They signed to the label in 2020 and released their debut album, I Love You Jennifer B, in 2022.

The Mercury Prize Nominees Who Are Redefining Pop Music

The album is a 10-track whirlwind that showcases their diverse and surreal sound. It features songs like “Acid”, which juxtaposes lush strings and laser noises with dark lyrics, and “Robert”, which samples a speech by the actor Robert Pattinson. The album also includes a cover of Elton John’s “Your Song”, which they transform into a haunting and distorted ballad.

The album received critical acclaim from various publications, such as Pitchfork, The Independent, and The Telegraph. It was also shortlisted for the prestigious Mercury Prize, which honors the best British album of the year. Jockstrap are competing against artists like Arctic Monkeys, Jessie Ware, and Little Simz for the award, which will be announced on September 9.

How they are keeping secrets and opening for Blur

Jockstrap are known for their secretive and mysterious persona, which adds to their appeal and intrigue. They rarely give interviews or reveal much about their personal lives. They also like to surprise their fans with unexpected releases and collaborations.

For example, they recently dropped a new single called “I Don’t Know How To Be Happy”, which features vocals from the pop star Charli XCX. The song is a catchy and upbeat anthem that contrasts with their usual darker and weirder style. They also collaborated with the rapper Danny Brown on a remix of their song “City Hell”.

Jockstrap have also been performing live at various venues and festivals, such as Glastonbury, Green Man, and Wembley Stadium. They opened for the iconic Britpop band Blur at the latter, which was a dream come true for them. They say that they enjoy playing live and connecting with their audience, who are supportive and enthusiastic about their music.

Jockstrap are one of the most exciting and innovative acts in the UK music scene right now. They are redefining pop music with their eclectic and experimental sound, and they are not afraid to take risks and challenge expectations. They are definitely a duo to watch out for, and they might just win the Mercury Prize this year.

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