How To Make Paleta Shots?

Paletas are a traditional Mexican ice pop. They are made in many different flavors and have many different filling options. They are very popular in the United States, especially in southern states like Texas.

Recently, there has been a growing trend of drinking paleta juice out of shots glasses instead of pouring it into a bowl for people to scoop it out with a cup or spoon. This makes for an easier distribution method as well as an aesthetic one- it looks like a popsicle!

Making paleta shots requires some timing and patience, but they are totally worth it.

Buy vodka or liquor of your choice

how to make paleta shots

To make these delicious shots, you will need to buy a bottle of vodka or liquor of your choice. You can either buy a vanilla vodka or plain vodka, but make sure it is not flavored.

Paleta jugs are the name of the plastic containers that hold the vanilla ice cream. These are available at most grocery stores and convenience stores in Mexico.

They come in different flavors such as chocolate, coconut, and pineapple. You can even use a vegan alternative if you prefer.

The liqueur adds a nice touch to the shot and contrasts the vanilla and coconut flavors.

Mix vodka or liquor with fruit juice

how to make paleta shots

Instead of using plain juice, you can add your paleta flavors to vodka or liquor instead. Many people prefer to do this because it makes it more apparent that it is a shot.

People also like to use coconut liquor or pineapple vodka with orange juice for a tropical shot!

Using pure fruit juice can sometimes be too sweet, so mix half juice and half vodka or liquor to make it less sweet. You will still get the same amount of shots, but people will appreciate the lighter taste.

Paletas are shaped like blocks, so using a square glass or cup will not work. You will need to use a circular cup or glass to capture the shape of the paleta. You can also cut the paleta into smaller pieces to make it easier to drink.

Pour into shot glass

how to make paleta shots

Once your paleta is cut into small cubes, you can pour the paleta chunks into a shot glass. You can use any shot glass, but make sure it is close to the same size as your sugar cube so that it fills it.

Many people make paleta shots in martini glasses, but this makes it difficult to pick up and eat. Paletas are soft and would break easily, so a solid surface such as a plate or flat surface is better for serving them on.

Once all of the pieces are in the glass, you can roll them around with a fork or spoon to make it look more appealing. Some people choose to leave the top layer of cream intact to look like ice cream on a bowl or dish.

Add paleta slice

how to make paleta shots

To make a shot glass filled with paleta, you will need to cut a small square out of the coconut half. This square should be the same size as a sugar cube. You can make them larger if you would like more of a splash when you drink it.

Then, take one of the chopped up paletas and press it into the coconut until it is flush with the surface.


how to make paleta shots

Paleta shots are a fun way to enjoy a few drinks. These pineapple shot drinks are easy to make and serve in a short amount of time.

Learn how to make paleta shots yourself


The best way to enjoy these colorful shots is to learn how to make them yourself. There are several recipes online for coconut lime shots, and most include the same ingredients: coconut milk, lime juice, and sugar.

You can also add matcha powder or raspberry syrup for some extra flavor. Just make sure to blend all of the ingredients well so that they combine properly.

Once you have your cubes made, it is easy to pour the shots. Just put some coconut milk into the glass first, then add the lime chunks and drizzle with lime juice. Then, add a bit of sugar on the top and stir until it is dissolved. You can also just put crushed ice on the shot if you do not want it too sweet.

Use different liquors and fruits

how to make paleta shots

While most paleta shots use mango, you can also make them with other fruits like pineapple or strawberry. You can also use different liquors like vodka or tequila.

Others have mentioned using coconut milk as a substitute for the creme de coco, but we recommend using actual coconut as it adds another layer of flavor.

Many people have tried making it with just water and ice, but it is not as tasty! Make sure to use high-quality liquor and creme de coco to enhance the taste and texture.

Paleta shots are quite easy to make so do not be afraid to try experimenting with new flavors! Just make sure you have enough ingredients for the number of shots you want to make.

As mentioned before, one shot equals one cube of ice in the glass so adjust how much you make depending on how many shots you want per glass.

Use lime instead of lemon


While you can use lemon slices as a garnish, we recommend using lime slices instead. Not only is lime a delicious flavor with cocktails, but it also pairs well with coconut milk.

Limes are more difficult to source in winter, which is why we recommend switching the citrus fruit for this recipe. You can also use a lemon juice instead of lime if you do not have any limes.

However, limes are a more common fruit in Mexico where paletas originate. So, we recommend trying lime to keep the traditional flavor!

Paleta shots are very easy to make, but you need some time to let them freeze solid. If you want to make these drinks quicker, use liquid coconut milk instead of powderized milk.

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