How To Make Clove Tea?

As we all know, clove is an incredible natural healer. It can help soothe wounds, reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and even promote sleep!

Many people have incorporated cloves into their skincare routines for these benefits. But did you know that you can make your own tea with it?

Clove tea comes in many forms- powder, liquid, or infused oil. You can add clove powder to water and drink it, use it as a moisturizer, or apply it onto affected areas.

It also works well when used in place of salicylic acid (or aspirin) to treat acne. Because it has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce redness and dry skin. Some studies show that it may be more effective than benzoyl peroxide.

Look up a recipe for clove tea

how to make clove tea

There are several recipes for making clove tea, some simpler than others. What is common about all of them is that you will need whole cloves in liquid.

You can use dried cloves or fresh ones depending on which version of the drink you want to make. If using dried cloves, then process them in a pot with water until they have melted down and dissolved into the liquid.

For the most authentic taste, we recommend using freshly grated clove powder. This can be done with either a cheese grater or a mortar and pestle.

Clove tea is usually drank cold so feel free to add the spices when cooling the drink if needed.

Buy or make clove tea bags


There are several ways to make clove tea. You can buy powdery dried cloves, which you then use in water to create liquid clove drops. Or, you can soak whole cloves in hot water and strain out the cloves later to use as dry tea leaves.

The pros of using powdered cloves is that you do not have to worry about removing every bit of clove flavor. The leftover bits will dissolve away in the drink. This also makes it easier to measure an appropriate amount for your drink.

However, if you choose to use whole cloves instead, you will have to wash them first. Another option is to use pre-made tea bags, but adding your own spice is much more fun!

This article will help with the last step – how to make clove tea at home. Read on to learn some easy recipes for making delicious clove drinks.

Combine ingredients and allow tea to brew

how to make clove tea

In both of these recipes, you will need one stick or two pieces of clove (or cloves) for every cup of water you make your tea with. This includes making the tea in the pot as well as adding more flavorings like sugar or milk later!

To make clove tea in the pot, simply add your spices to a mug filled with hot water and stir until dissolved. Add your favorite sweetener and drink immediately!

For the second way to make clove tea, prepare the same amount of spicemed water and then mix in a solid ingredient such as dried fruits or nuts. Let this sit for a few minutes and then blend it all together in a blender or food processor.

Your new recipe can be drunk directly or mixed into other beverages.

Tips for making clove tea


Now that you have your start, let us talk about how to make clove tea! First, you will need to prepare the herb clove by either chopping it up or grinding it down.

Once this is done, you can dry the clove off of a baking sheet in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour. This will help preserve the properties and increase effectiveness of the medicine.

After this has been completed, you will then want to use these dried pieces in your recipe. To do so, put 2-3 tablespoons of the dried herb into a cup full of water and bring it to a boil. Let cool and drink.

You can also mix in some raw honey or sweeten with white sugar before drinking. This would be dependent upon your personal taste.

Use all the ingredients or combine them differently

how to make clove tea

There are several ways to make clove tea, so you should not feel limited in how you prepare it. You do not have to use only the method mentioned in this article!

Many people mix dried cloves with water and then heat the liquid until it is boiling. At that point, the liquids are mixed together and you can drink the mixture.

This mixing process is usually done at home as an easy way to make sure they do not burn the liquid while it heats up.

Some add honey or milk to the liquid to make it more palatable and/or flavor some of the liquid. This combination of adding both sugar and butter makes the liquid more likely to taste good than if there was just one or the other.

Personal preferences


There is no wrong way to make clove tea! People have different tastes, so feel free to add more or less cloves as you like. If you would like it stronger, use more cloves!

Cloves contain an antioxidant known as allicin which aids in reducing inflammation and helping maintain healthy blood circulation. Allicin also helps reduce stomach acid that can cause ulcers.

By drinking clove tea regularly, this may help keep your heart healthy.

Is it good for you?


Recent studies have shown that clover leaf is as effective as herbal tea bags! While some claim that green teabags are better than none at all, we can tell you with confidence that there is no difference between the two. Either one will do just fine!

Many people enjoy drinking herbal tea more than plain water because they like the flavor of the drink. Adding sugar or milk sometimes changes the taste too much, though.

You may be familiar with clove-flavored tea if you ever drank peppermint tea before. Or perhaps you’ve had cinnamon tea before. Both of those contain clove, which comes from the plant lily bulbs.

Cloves come in various forms including dried powder, extracts, and oils. You can use them directly in your tea or combine them with other ingredients first.

Does clove make me burp?

Most likely not, but let us explain why this unique herb makes the list here anyway. Some say that eating clove can cause a strong odor called acrolein to enter your blood. This can happen when cloved foods get broken down in your digestive system.

Acrolein has been linked to an increased risk of cancer and asthma, so it is important to avoid ingesting large amounts if you are concerned about health.

However, most experts agree that any exposure to small quantities is safe. Even repeated exposures to low levels does not pose significant risks.

Take it easy when making tea


Making clove tea is an enjoyable way to enjoy some rest and relaxation after completing other projects in the house. Plus, you get to taste a new flavor!

Cloves are not commonly found in many foods, so this can be tricky to make without having appropriate supplies or knowledge of cooking. That is totally okay though! Because they are such a strong aroma and flavor, one drop will do the trick!

There are several recipes for making clover tea using cloves as a main ingredient. Some even say that drinking two cups a day may help prevent heart disease! No matter what recipe you use, just be sure to drink it all before bedtime to reap the benefits.

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