How to cut a Pizza without a Pizza Cutter?

Pizza is a staple food for every foodie out there. However, if you have found yourself in a situation where you do not have a pizza cutter to slice your delicious pizza, you don’t have to worry. You can always cut your pizza without this essential tool.

You only need to master the art of cutting pizza without a pizza cutter. In this article, we will discuss some simple ways on how to cut a pizza without a pizza cutter to make your pizza experience incredible.

Before we talk about how to cut a pizza without a pizza cutter, let’s talk about what you’ll need. First off, make sure you have a sharp knife. A dull blade will make it harder to slice through the crust cleanly, leaving you with a mess. You’ll also need a cutting board, a clean kitchen towel, and a little bit of flour.

How to cut a Pizza without a Pizza Cutter
How to cut a Pizza without a Pizza Cutter

The Traditional Knife Method

If you have a sharp knife, you are good to go. Follow these easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: Place the pizza on a clean cutting board to ensure the surface of the pizza remains intact.
Step 2: Cut the pizza into halves, using the knife from the center of the pizza to the edge.
Step 3: Cut each part of the pizza lengthwise, making sure to start from the center and keep moving outwards.
Step 4: Continue with the same process until you cut everything as per your preference.

The Scissors Technique

Yes, you heard it right! You can cut your pizza with scissors. This method is convenient, especially if you do not want to damage the pizza crust. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Find a clean pair of scissors and hold them straight.
Step 2: Cut from the center of the pizza towards the edge.
Step 3: Continue to cut up to your desired size.
Step 4: Repeat the process until you cut all the pizza slices.

The Using a Spoon Technique

Using a spoon is a technique that most people never even consider. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Place the pizza on your cutting board
Step 2: Get a large metal spoon and press it onto the pizza at the center of your preferred cut.
Step 3: Use the pressure of the spoon to cut the pizza into pieces.
Step 4: Repeat this process until you have the desired number of pizza slices.

The Fork Technique

The fork technique uses a basic kitchen tool that you already have. You’ll need a fork and a knife; below are the steps:

Step 1: Spike the fork onto the edge of the crust or anywhere on the pizza.
Step 2: Use a knife to slice the pizza. Running the knife along the back of the fork will help ensure the pizza stays in one place while cutting.
Step 3: Close the knife while applying pressure to cut.
Step 4: Repeat until you have sliced the whole pizza to your desired size.

Hands-on Technique

You can also slice your pizza directly by using your hands. It’s not as messy as it sounds. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Using a pizza cutter, press from center to edge to make some grooves on the surface of the pizza.
Step 2: Pick up the pizza from the center using both of your hands and fold it into half.
Step 3: Tear the crust and pizza until you get a slice.
Step 4: Use similar techniques to cut all the slices of the pizza.

Some Tips and Tricks

These additional tips and tricks will make your pizza cutting experience even better:

  • Use a sharp tool to slice the pizza.
  • Make sure not to push the pizza crust too hard.
  • Never touch the pizza with your bare hands before it cools down.
  • You can also use a rolling pin, guitar cutter, or a long sharp vegetable knife to slice the pizza.


Now you know that you do not need a pizza cutter to cut your pizza. You can use any of these techniques to slice your pizza conveniently. The next time you plan to throw a pizza party, make sure to master any of these cutting methods that fit your style. Enjoy your pizza moments without worrying about any kitchen tools.

FAQs – How to cut a Pizza without a Pizza Cutter?

1. What are some alternative tools I can use to cut a pizza without a pizza cutter?

You can use a sharp knife, kitchen shears, or even a dough scraper to cut your pizza into slices. Make sure the tool you choose is clean and sharp for best results.

2. How do I cut a pizza evenly using a knife?

To cut a pizza evenly with a knife, first make a small mark at the edge of the pizza where you want to start cutting. Then, gently press the knife down and use a rocking motion to cut through the crust and toppings. Repeat this process, rotating the pizza as needed, until you’ve cut the desired number of slices.

3. Can I use a serrated knife to cut my pizza?

Yes, a serrated knife can work well for cutting pizza, especially if the crust is thick or crispy. The serrated edge helps to saw through the crust without smashing the toppings.

4. Is it safe to cut pizza with kitchen shears?

Yes, kitchen shears are a safe and effective way to cut pizza. To use them, simply hold the shears at an angle and snip through the pizza, making sure to cut all the way through the crust. Be careful not to cut yourself and always use clean shears.

5. How do I prevent the toppings from shifting while cutting the pizza?

To prevent toppings from shifting while cutting, apply gentle pressure on the toppings with your free hand or a spatula. This will help keep them in place as you cut through the crust.

6. Are there any other creative ways to serve pizza without cutting it into slices?

Yes! You can also serve pizza as a pull-apart dish by cutting it into smaller squares or rectangles, or even roll the pizza up and slice it into pinwheels. These options are perfect for parties or casual gatherings where finger foods are preferred.

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