How Many Teaspoons In A Shot Glass?

Cocktails have been a large part of bar culture for quite some time. With the introduction of pre-made bottles and bottles that come with premixed spirits, making cocktails at home has become easier.

Many of these drinks require measured amounts of liquor, juice or soda, and ice to create the perfect cocktail. The problem is that most measuring devices for cocktails are shot glasses!

Shot glasses vary in size significantly depending on what country you are in and who made it. This makes it hard to gauge how much liquid is in a shot glass depending on where you get it from.

One shot glass = 28 grams

how many teaspoons in a shot glass

Now that you know how many grams are in a shot glass, you can determine how many teaspoons are in a shot glass!

One shot glass holds one teaspoon of liquid. So, if you wanted to make one shot of liquid, you would need one teaspoon of that liquid. Pretty easy, right?

Like with the tablespoon measurement, some shots may be bigger or smaller than one teaspoon due to how the alcohol is poured into the glass. The average shot size is 28 grams, though, so that is what we will go with!

Some drinks may be richer or heavier than water, meaning you would use more than one teaspoon of the drink to make one shot. Other drinks may be lighter, meaning you would need less than one teaspoon of the drink to make one shot. It all depends on the density of the drink.

One teaspoon = 1.5 shot glasses

how many teaspoons in a shot glass

The average teaspoon holds about 5 milliliters of liquid. Most teaspoons hold about 1 tablespoon of liquid, which is around 6 ounces.

So, if you want to be extra careful, count one teaspoon as 1.5 shot glasses and you will be fine!

Most recipes that call for liquor use a measure called a shot glass. A shot glass holds 1 ounce of liquid, which is just over ½ a cup. This means that in most cases, you will need 2-3 shots per recipe depending on the ingredient list.

If you are missing a teaspoon in your kitchen, try to measure out 1.5 shot glasses of liquid and add an extra ½ a shot glass of liquor to make up for the missing teaspoon.

One shot glass = 10 teaspoons


As mentioned before, a standard shot glass holds 1 ounce of liquor. Since most drinks call for a shot of liquor, that means you need to have enough liquor to fill one shot glass.

So how many shots are in a bottle? Well, it depends on the size of the bottle and the strength of the liquor.

Most bottles hold about 25 ounces of alcohol, which is about six shots per bottle depending on the proof. Vodka tends to be less dense than other liquors, so you could probably get seven shots out of a 25-ounce container.

How many teaspoons in a shot glass? A standard shot glass holds 1 teaspoon of liquid. If you do the math, that means there are 10 teaspoons in one shot glass!

Hopefully you learned how to properly pour a shot today! Give it a try and let us know if you win any games tonight.

One teaspoon = 0.5 shot glass


When you go to a bar, one of the hardest measurements to get right is how many shots are in a glass. Most drinks come in a one-shot glass, but some do not, so how do you know how many to make?

The answer is very simple: just look at the liquid volume of the drink and divide it by one shot glass of liquid. That is how many shots you have!

For example, if the drink is half full, then you have one shot in the glass. If it is three quarters full, then you have three shots in the glass. It is that easy!

Some drinks may be taller or wider than a standard shot glass, so if this is the case, just keep track of the volume of liquid and divide that by one shot glass and you will be good to go.

One shot glass = 3 teaspoons

how many teaspoons in a shot glass

Now that you know how many teaspoons are in a shot glass, you can start learning how many shots are in a glass of alcohol!

Most glasses used to serve alcohol in hold about three ounces of liquid. Some glasses can hold more or less depending on their shape and design.

So, if you have a standard 1-pint glass, then you will have about six shots of alcohol in it. Pretty good deal, right? You will just have to mix more stuff to get your shot volume.

How much alcohol is in a shot of alcohol depends on the liquor. Obviously, some liquors contain more alcohol by volume than others. How strong your shot is depends on how much liquid you pour out.

One teaspoon = 0.333333343 shot glasses

how many teaspoons in a shot glass

One teaspoon equals three-third shot glasses. While this does not sound like a significant amount, it is when you are mixing drinks!

Many recipes ask for one teaspoon of an ingredient, like one teaspoon of sugar or one teaspoon of lime juice. Using a full teaspoon would double the volume, which is not what the recipe calls for.

One teaspoon equals about five milliliters. To convert teaspoons to shot glasses, divide the mL value by three-thirds. One teaspoon equals about two mL, so you could use two tsp = 1 shot glass conversion.

One tablespoon = 0.5 shot glasses

To convert tablespoons to shot glasses, divide the mL value by five. One tablespoon equals about fifteen mL, so you could use fifteen mL = 1 shot glass conversion. This is more accurate than one tbsp = 0.

One shot glass = 2 teaspoons


The standard measurement for a shot glass is two teaspoons. This applies to both liquid and powder shots. You can refer to a shot as a vodka or whiskey measure, as they are the standard alcohol offerings.

Most bars and drinks lists list their beverages by volume, not weight. So a shot of liquor is two ounces, not two grams. The difference is huge!

So how did the one shot glass = one teaspoon rumor start? No one really knows, but most guess it has something to do with liqueurs.

A liqueur is typically one part alcohol and five parts liquid. So if you have one shot of liquor in a glass, there is already some liquid in there that does not dissolve the sugar or gelatin it may contain. One teaspoon seems more reasonable than two when it comes to removing some of the liquid.

One teaspoon = 0.214285714 shot glasses


So, if you drink one shot per day, how many teaspoons of sugar are you consuming? The answer is one and a half teaspoons!

That may not sound like much, but over time, that extra teaspoon and a half per day can add up. More importantly, all that sugar can potentially lead to weight gain.

And since most drinks are made with soda or juice instead of pure water or milk, your daily sugar intake could be even higher.

One serving of sugar equals about four grams. One teaspoon contains four grams of sugar, so one serving equals one teaspoon. By making this simple switch, you can potentially cut your daily sugar intake in half!

One tablespoon = 0.

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