Home Remedies For Bigger Hips And Buttocks

Finding your ideal shape is definitely not easy, but there are many ways to do it! There are several exercises that can help you achieve this, including working out and diet changes. Diet changes include eating foods that work as supplements for your body’s natural processes of weight loss.

There are three main diet types – low carbohydrate, calorie restricted, and ketogenic diets. All of these diets have one thing in common: they’re too good for most people’s taste! 😉

But if you’re willing to give them a try, then they could be just what you need to lose the extra weight. And don’t worry, because some of these recipes are totally delicious!

This article will go over all three of these diets along with some more tips for keeping fit and healthy. But first, let us talk about why a healthier diet may benefit your waist size and butt size.

Why should we pay attention to our diet?

We’ve discussed before how important it is to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, and research confirms that. A recent study conducted at The University of Texas Medical Branch found that those who ate eight or more servings of fruit and veggies per week were thinner than individuals who did not.

Thinner individuals tended to have smaller waists and less obesity risk. By doing so, they were able to reduce inflammation and improve their overall health.

Another reason to focus on nutrient-rich food is due to something called calorie restriction.

Do lunges

home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks

The most common way to do leg exercises is by doing a knee-bend/lunge. This exercise can be done at the beach or anywhere else, as long as you have a wall or other object to support yourself with your back foot.

To perform a lunge, take a normal step forward with your right leg and then bend both knees and lower body until the thigh and ankle are parallel to the ground. Then push up through the feet and hold this position for a few seconds before returning to starting position.

You can add some extra movement to the legs by stepping out sideways instead of just forwards like in a regular lunge. This moves the foot away from the start position more, which adds variety to the workout.

This move can be done using a yoga mat or any other surface that feels sturdy. Make sure to keep your feet well balanced – if one side is raised higher than the other, it may become unstable and hurt your joints.

Some people mix in squats between the lunge, making it even more effective.

Try these yoga moves

home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks

We can learn some great home remedies for bigger hips and buttock muscles from doing yoga. These are not limited to individuals who already practice yoga, so you can give this a try even if you have never done it before!

Yoga is a great exercise that works your entire body in many different ways. When performing certain poses, you challenge your balance, strength, and muscle coordination.

It also exercises your mind as you focus on how well you are working out and what position you are trying to achieve.

These benefits make yoga an excellent way to work on your overall health and fitness. It has been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, and help with sleep.

There are several positions in yoga that can help tone your inner thighs, boost hip mobility, and strengthen your buttocks.

Here are five such positions. You will need a mat or floor space to do them. Follow along slowly until you are able to perform them faster then we’ll add more tips here.

1) Legs up the wall

This pose requires you to start sitting on the ground with your feet about one foot away from the wall. Your legs should be propped up on the wall like a ladder.

Once both feet are fully supported by the wall, you will lean forward slightly and put your weight on your hands. This pose helps tighten the outer thigh muscles and relax the lower leg muscles.

Roll down into a ball


Rolling your body up in this position can help increase glute (buttock) size and shape. You will also need to do this on both sides of the body to feel it truly works!

This pose is similar to rolling out of bed, except you roll your torso instead of your legs. When doing this exercise, make sure to keep your knees bent with your feet on the floor to aid in stability.

To make it more difficult, you can add weights into the workout by holding an empty glass or bottle as you perform the move.

Try a hip adduction machine

home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks

An easy way to work your hips is by using an exercise called a hip adductor (inner thigh) machine. This can be done at home with just some simple equipment or supplements you already have in your life.

The hip adductor machine works like other machines you use to strengthen your muscles- only this one targets the inner thighs instead.

To perform this workout, you will need a sturdy weight bench or table that is adjustable. You will also need a pair of dumbbells or a barbell that are both about half the size of the seat cushion.

Once everything is set up correctly, you will want to lay down on the surface either faceup or facedown.

Next, hold onto the handle of one of the dumbbells with your right hand and place it next to your left butt cheek. Make sure there is not much space between the weights and your body so it is easier to move them.

Now push yourself up off the bed onto your knees as hard as you can while simultaneously pulling the leg that has the dumbbell away from your body. Keep lifting and pushing until you cannot lift any more without help.

Remain here for five seconds before lowering back down. Repeat this eight times per side, for a total of four sets. Make sure to relax and breathe during the exercises.

Try a hip abduction machine


An excellent way to work your hips is by using an exercise called a hip abduction machine. This can be done anywhere, at any time, and is usually free unless you are paying for a gym membership.

A hip abduction machine works on the muscles of your lower body that move your thigh away from the rest position and up. These include your quadriceps (the muscles in front of your knee) and your hamstring (the muscle between your thigh and calf).

To use your hip abductors effectively, start with one leg raised higher than the other and then slowly lower the legs parallel to each other. As you pull the thighs apart, you have to resist letting them collapse onto each other.

This moves more quickly if you breathe while doing it. Repeat this movement ten times on each leg as part of your daily workout.

Try a leg curl machine


A great way to work your inner thigh muscles is by using a device called a leg curl machine. These are usually free at fitness facilities or you can buy one online or at some specialty stores.

A leg curl machine works by having you hold onto the handle with one hand while lifting one foot up off of the ground just like doing a calf exercise but only half as far. Then, slowly lower the foot back down so that it touches the floor before raising the other leg and repeating the motion.

This trick is helpful in working all three of the thighs (back, front, and side) and also helps strengthen the legs more than simply kicking both feet from under the body.

Try a leg press machine

home remedies for bigger hips and buttocks

A very helpful tool in weight loss is the use of a leg press machine. This can be done at home or anywhere there are enough machines.

A leg press machine works by having you put your feet up on the platform, then lifting one foot off the ground. As you push yourself back down with your legs, it uses your muscles to tighten them more and hold that position longer than just lying down.

This helps strengthen your muscles around your thighs and butt because you keep the muscle under pressure for longer. It also aids in balance as you have to compensate by using other muscles.

There are several benefits to doing this exercise. One is that it increases blood flow which helps increase metabolism, the body’s rate of temperature regulation. This allows your body to burn more calories and thus aid in weight loss.

Another is that the muscles used in the process help tone and shape the area being worked on.

Do squats


Doing squats is one of the best hip and buttock exercises that you can do. Squats are a great exercise because they work your inner thighs, glutes (the muscles in your buttocks), and hips very well. They also require no equipment or fitness facilities, which makes them accessible to just about anyone.

You can perform standard squat workouts with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width, with your knees soft and cocked back, sitting down as far as possible while keeping your lower legs and pelvis strong.

Practice doing this move slowly at first until you achieve a steady rhythm before speeding up the tempo. You can add some weight to make it more challenging by using a heavy bag, plate, or other object. Once you have mastered the basic position, you can add resistance to make the movement harder.

Experts agree that performing regular squats will help tone and strengthen your glute muscles, increase blood flow, and improve overall leg strength and balance.

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