General Election 2024: What Happens Now?

Introduction The political landscape is buzzing with anticipation as Rishi Sunak, the Prime Minister, has officially called for a general election to be held on Thursday, July 4. Months of speculation culminate in this momentous event, and citizens across the nation are gearing up for a crucial decision. But what exactly happens when an election is called? Let’s delve into the intricacies of the process.

Requesting Permission to Dissolve Parliament

The power to dissolve parliament—effectively ending the session—legally lies with the Prime Minister. Mr. Sunak has already sought permission from the King to hold the general election. Once granted, parliament will be prorogued on Friday, May 24, and dissolution will occur on Thursday, May 30. This marks the official beginning of the election process.

General Election 2024

The “Wash-Up” Period

Between the election announcement and the dissolution of parliament, there exists a critical period known as “wash-up.” During this time, parliament continues its regular proceedings. However, any unfinished parliamentary business will not become law and cannot carry over to the next parliament. The pressure is on to pass pending legislation swiftly, often necessitating cross-party cooperation.

Interestingly, the longest “wash-up” period since 1992 occurred in 2017 when parliament sat for an additional seven days after the election was called. This intense period of legislative activity shapes the legal landscape before the transition to the new parliament.

After Parliament Is Dissolved

Once parliament is dissolved, every seat in the House of Commons becomes vacant. MPs cease to exist until the next parliament convenes. However, members of the House of Lords retain their positions. Government ministers remain in office but operate under restrictions during the campaign period. These restrictions ensure that public funds are not used to support the ruling party’s campaign and maintain civil service impartiality.

As citizens prepare to cast their votes, the nation awaits the outcome that will shape its future. The journey from election announcement to polling day is filled with anticipation, debates, and political maneuvering. Stay tuned for further updates as the campaign unfolds.

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