How a mother and daughter celebrate Christmas in July

A holiday for no reason

Janet Christie is a columnist for The Scotsman, a Scottish newspaper, who writes about her family life in a humorous and witty way. In her latest column, she shares how she and her youngest daughter decided to celebrate Christmas in July, just because they felt like it.

She writes that they were bored of the usual summer activities and wanted to do something different and fun. They decided to pretend that it was December and enjoy all the festive things that they love, such as decorating the house, baking cookies, watching movies, and exchanging gifts.

She says that they had a blast and felt closer to each other, as they laughed and joked about their silly idea. They also enjoyed the reactions of their neighbours and friends, who were either amused or confused by their early celebration.

The benefits of celebrating Christmas in July

Janet Christie argues that celebrating Christmas in July has many advantages, such as:

  • It is cheaper and easier to find decorations, food, and gifts in the summer, as there is less demand and competition.
  • It is more relaxing and enjoyable to celebrate Christmas in July, as there is less pressure and stress to meet expectations and deadlines.
  • It is more creative and fun to celebrate Christmas in July, as it allows one to experiment and improvise with different themes and traditions.
  • It is more meaningful and memorable to celebrate Christmas in July, as it shows that one can appreciate and cherish the spirit of Christmas anytime and anywhere.

How a mother and daughter celebrate Christmas in July

She also points out that celebrating Christmas in July is not a new or original idea, as it has been done by many people and groups around the world for various reasons, such as:

  • People who live in the Southern Hemisphere, where July is winter and December is summer, and who want to experience a cold and snowy Christmas.
  • People who work in the hospitality and entertainment industries, where December is a busy and hectic month, and who want to have a peaceful and quiet Christmas.
  • People who belong to different religious or cultural backgrounds, where December is not a significant or special month, and who want to join in the festive mood and spirit.

A challenge for the readers

Janet Christie ends her column by challenging her readers to try celebrating Christmas in July themselves, and to share their stories and photos with her and the newspaper. She says that she and her daughter had so much fun that they are planning to do it again next year, and maybe even make it a tradition.

She also invites her readers to suggest other holidays or occasions that they would like to celebrate at a different time of the year, and to explain why and how they would do it. She says that she is always open to new and exciting ideas, and that she believes that life is too short to be boring and predictable.

She signs off by wishing her readers a merry Christmas in July, and a happy and healthy summer.

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