Chris Paul Concerned About Challenges of Playing With Kevin Durant, But Trusts the Process

Chris Paul recently expressed his concerns about the challenges that come with playing alongside Kevin Durant on TNT. Despite this, he remains confident in the Phoenix Suns’ ability to adapt to having Durant on the team. As a 12-time All-Star and one of the best point guards in NBA history, Paul has struggled to break through in the playoffs, despite leading several teams to successful regular seasons.

Adapting to Having Kevin Durant on the Team

With Durant now on the Suns’ roster, Paul is aware that he and the team will need to learn how to adapt to playing with him. Although they are a new team, Paul is willing to trust the process and work through the challenges to achieve success. In his interview with Taylor Rooks, he expressed his confidence in the Suns’ ability to get the job done.

Playing With Kevin Durant
Playing With Kevin Durant

Paul’s Playoff Struggles

Paul’s career has been marked by regular season success but playoff struggles. Despite leading the Hornets, Clippers, and Rockets to several successful regular seasons, he has only made it to the NBA Finals once, in 2021, with the Suns. However, his leadership has helped elevate the careers of his teammates, and he remains determined to break through in the playoffs.

Phoenix’s Chances with Kevin Durant

The addition of Kevin Durant to the Suns’ roster has given fans hope for a successful playoff run. Durant has a history of forming super teams and winning championships, having done so with the Golden State Warriors in 2016. With Paul’s leadership and Durant’s skills, the Suns’ odds of making it to the NBA Finals are greater than ever.

Despite his concerns about playing with Durant, Chris Paul remains confident in the Suns’ ability to adapt and succeed. With a history of regular season success and the addition of Durant to the team, the Suns have a great chance at making it to the NBA Finals this season.

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