Cheap iPhone charger sparks devastating fire in mum’s home

A Scottish mum has lost everything after a cheap iPhone charger she bought online exploded and set her house on fire. She is now warning others not to make the same mistake and buy official chargers only.

The horror of the fire

Kinga Krzeminska, 38, from Glasgow, was asleep in her bedroom when she heard a loud bang and saw flames coming from her living room. She had left her iPhone 12 plugged into a cheap charger she bought from a website for £3.99. The charger had overheated and ignited the sofa, spreading the fire to the curtains and carpet.

Kinga managed to escape with her two children, Oliwia, 15, and Filip, 9, and their dog, Loki. She called 999 and waited outside for the firefighters to arrive. She watched in horror as the fire engulfed her home, destroying all her belongings and memories.

She said: “It was terrifying. I woke up to a loud bang and saw the fire in the living room. I grabbed the kids and the dog and ran outside. The fire was so big and fast, it took over the whole house. I couldn’t believe it was happening. Everything we had was gone in minutes.”

The aftermath of the fire

The fire brigade arrived at the scene and battled the blaze for over an hour. They managed to put out the fire, but the damage was already done. Kinga’s home was reduced to ashes and rubble. She said the firefighters told her the fire was caused by the cheap charger, which was not compatible with her iPhone.

Cheap iPhone

She said: “The firefighters said the charger was the culprit. It was not an official Apple charger, but a cheap one I bought online. I didn’t think it would make a difference, but it did. It was a huge mistake. I wish I had spent more money on a proper charger. It would have saved me so much pain and loss.”

Kinga and her children are now staying with her sister, Anna, who lives nearby. She said she has no insurance and no savings to rebuild her life. She said she is grateful for the support of her family, friends, and neighbours, who have been helping her with donations and essentials.

She said: “I don’t know what I would do without my sister and the people who have been so kind to us. They have given us clothes, food, toys, and money. They have been amazing. I can’t thank them enough. But it’s still hard to cope with what happened. We have lost everything we worked for. We have no home, no clothes, no photos, no memories. It’s heartbreaking.”

The warning to others

Kinga said she wants to share her story to warn others not to buy cheap chargers for their phones. She said she hopes her experience will prevent others from suffering the same fate. She said she wants people to be aware of the dangers of using unofficial chargers, which can overheat, explode, or catch fire.

She said: “Please, please, don’t buy cheap chargers. They are not worth it. They can ruin your life in seconds. Buy official chargers only. They are more expensive, but they are safer and more reliable. Don’t risk your life and your home for a few pounds. It’s not worth it. Trust me, I know.”

She also advised people to switch off their sockets when they are not using them, and to check their smoke alarms regularly. She said these simple steps can save lives and prevent fires. She said she hopes her story will raise awareness and help others avoid the same tragedy.

She said: “I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through. It’s the worst thing that ever happened to me. I hope my story will make people think twice before they buy cheap chargers. I hope it will make them more careful and responsible. I hope it will save lives.”

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