Blue Fawn Razor Edge Pitbull

Razor edge dogs are not new, but they have become very popular in the dog community recently. These breeds were created by Bernadette Melamed, better known as “Razor” or “Bermuda”. She wanted to create a breed that was intelligent, strong, and had an excellent temperament. The body shape is also reminiscent of a razor because of their long legs which help them to move around more efficiently.

Many people believe that these dogs are difficult to train due to their high energy level and desire to learn. Some even say that it is hard to tell if they has learned something until you see if they repeat the behavior outside of the training environment. All this talk about challenge can be both good and bad for owners!

Some experts consider Razor edge dogs to be too active and powerful for some home environments. This could be limiting when looking for a pet-owner match. On the other hand, many owners attest to having fun teaching their pets tricks and behaviors. Many have success letting their dog lead a normal life while still showing off his or her skills.

Whether you are looking to adopt a low maintenance companion or want to take up trick training, knowing what traits to look for is important. By being aware of the health and behavioral issues of each breed, you will know whether this is the right fit for you and your family.

Difference between a pitbull and a bulldog

blue fawn razor edge pitbull

Although both are called “pit bulls,” there is an important difference between the two breeds. A true pit bull has short hair that is either color-marked with black or has shades of dark brown and gray mixed in. This gives them their name!

A British Bulldog may have longer hair than a American Bulldog, but they do not look like a blue fawn pit bull. They also do not have any markings other than white fur around their nose and mouth.

Color-marked dogs can be anything from solid reds to blues and greens, but it must match their coat and they cannot have more than one pattern at a time. For example, if they have some yellow fur around their neck, then they could not have a lot of green fur anywhere else.

Something unique about the British Bulldogs is the way their ears flap when they get excited. This does not apply to all breed types though, so it is best to look into a dog’s personality before letting them meet outside play dates or work meetings.

Popular breeds of pitbulls

Another popular dog breed is the American Bulldog. These dogs were originally bred to pull heavy loads in sleds or carts. Due to this strength, some people feel that bulldogs are perfect for guarding homes and yards.

However, many owners of these protective dogs develop feelings of fear towards them. This can sometimes result in them being put down or abandoned when they grow too aggressive.

Some individuals believe that it is better to be safe than sorry, so they choose to own a dog with strong protective instincts. However, there are ways to train your dog to meet its potential while also lowering their guard level at the same time!

It is very important to understand that every individual dog is different. While some may need more work putting into place protective behaviors, you should never assume that one will always protect you or others from harm.

Everyone’s personality is shaped by genetics, environment, and life experiences, making each dog special.

Facts about pitbulls


There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not it is good to own a dog of type-pit bull. Many people claim that pit bulls are dangerous, while others argue that they are very loyal and protective of those close to them.

Many types of dogs can be aggressive towards other animals and/or humans; this includes all breeds!

It is important to recognize that even though some individual dogs may behave aggressively, it does not mean that every one of these dogs acts in the same way. Each breed has different behavioral traits.

Some experts believe that because most aggression comes from fear, then by reducing the dog’s perceived threat, you reduce the chance of it acting on its instincts.

This could include changing the behavior of the dog or possibly finding another owner who will take better care of the animal.

However, just like any other species, there are certain behaviors that are inherent to specific breeds. A person looking to adopt a puppy should do their research on both potential owners and the breed before making the choice.

Tips for training a pitbull


When you begin to train your dog, make sure you do so under professional supervision. A trainer with at least a certification can help ensure that your new best friend is given the right amount of socialization and guidance in manners.

Pit bulls are bred for fighting, which makes them different from most other breeds. This means they need special handling when away from situations where dogs may fight or be attacked.

Your dog needs to learn how to play nicely with others and know what’s acceptable behavior around other dogs. Only take your pup out during quiet times and with people that have done their research on breed safety.

The last thing you want to do as a owner is spend money on supplies and equipment, only for your dog to hurt someone else’s pet later.

Pitbulls and children


As we already mentioned, there is a stigma attached to dogs that are not considered “gentle” or “nice.” This can cause people to avoid certain breeds all together. Luckily, this isn’t the case with most dog breeds!

Many different types of dogs have been known to develop strong bonds with their owners and other people. Some even enjoy interacting with others of every age!

Dog breed experts agree that it is very possible for almost any dog to be socially adjusted if socialization starts early enough.

This includes educating parents about safe canine behaviors at an appropriate age as well as teaching kids how to interact with puppies. It also means ensuring that your own home is a comfortable place for your dog.

Sadly though, some dogs just aren’t able to connect with humans. This could be because they were never exposed to them when they were young, or because they were exposed but still harboring unresolved fears from past experiences.

When to socialize a pitbull


Although some people claim that puppies are friendly, socialized dogs are not necessarily good candidates due to their breed. Most dog breeds need time to learn how to be socially adjusted. Regularly expose your puppy to other animals of all sizes and shapes so that he can see that things happen sometimes when animals get together and nothing terrible happens!

Interacting with different types of pets is very important for puppy development. Puppies must understand that even though they may want to play or eat one type of animal, it is okay to walk away. This teaches them toleranceand self-control.

When you take your puppy outside, try to go somewhere that there are lots of distractions like walking around the park or taking the bus instead of carpooling. If possible, let him explore new areas where he can run free.

Never force your puppy to interact with another dog unless he is extremely well trained and under control. Even then, make sure his behavior does not change or worsen during this interaction.

Know your dog


As we mentioned before, not all pit bulls are the same! There are several types of dogs that have been categorized under the name “pit bull”. Some types are much more likely to be aggressive than others.

A few characteristics that can indicate if a dog is potentially dangerous include: how playful they are, what kind of behaviors they exhibit, whether they show any fear or nervousness around other animals, and their level of socialization.

It is very important to know which type of dog you have so that you can identify potential dangers early. By doing this, you will be able to take appropriate precautions to keep yourself and others safe from attacks.

Questionnaire to identify your dog’s temperament


When looking to adopt a new puppy, you should do some research. There are many different resources available to check out before bringing home a pet. One of the most important things is determining if the potential owner can handle any kind of dog for their own personal safety as well as that of your fur baby.

Many people will advertise a playful puppy, but no one says anything about how much energy they have or whether or not they need constant attention. A lot of times, owners are too focused on having their perfect dog instead of checking first to see if this individual can deal with what kind of dog they already have.

By being aware of your existing pets’ behaviors, you can determine if an additional dog would be okay. It is also helpful in finding out if anyone close to you has allergies or is very careful around dogs.

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