Brian Low: Tragic Shooting in Aberfeldy Unfolds

In a remote corner of Perthshire, the peaceful town of Aberfeldy was rocked by a shocking incident. Brian Low, a 65-year-old retired groundsman, met a tragic end while walking his black Labrador along a secluded track. His body was discovered on Saturday, February 17, in the Pitilie area near Aberfeldy. Initially deemed “medical-related,” the circumstances surrounding his death took a dark turn when a post-mortem examination revealed injuries consistent with a shooting.

The Mysterious Timeline

Brian Low’s family received the devastating news more than a week after his body was found. The delay in identifying the cause of death raised questions, especially given the severity of the injuries. Why did it take so long for authorities to launch a murder investigation? Local MSP John Swinney expressed concerns, emphasizing the need for clarity. The police, however, swiftly initiated the inquiry following the post-mortem results.

Brian Low Aberfeldy

Fond Memories and Shocked Neighbors

Brian Low had worked at Edradynate Estate until his retirement in February of the previous year. Colleagues and neighbors remember him as a kind and honest man. A fellow dog walker described him as the “loveliest guy.” The estate, located about five miles from Aberfeldy, mourned his loss, sending heartfelt condolences to his family. Brian’s legacy remains one of integrity and warmth.

Seeking Answers

As the investigation unfolds, Aberfeldy grapples with the tragedy. The rugged path leading to the scene of Brian Low’s murder stands as a silent witness, dotted with just a handful of houses. The mystery surrounding his death continues to haunt the community, leaving many wondering why justice took so long to arrive.

By Ishan Crawford

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