What to Wear Golfing for the First Time Ladies?

Golfing is one of the most graceful and tactical sports played around the globe. It is a game not just for men, but also for women. And if you’re one of those ladies who are excited to try golfing for the first time, you might be wondering what to wear on the golf course. Golf might seem like a traditional and conservative sport, but there are a few guidelines to follow to make you feel comfortable and confident on the course.

In this article, we will guide you on what to wear golfing for the first time ladies. We have gathered some tips from professional golfers and fashion experts to help you create a stylish and practical look on the golf course.

Dress Code

Golf courses usually have a dress code that needs to be followed, so make sure to check the course’s website or call them before heading to the course. Here are some general guidelines that apply to most golf courses:

  • Shirts should have collars, and no straps or bare shoulders should be visible.
  • Shorts should be tailored, not too short, and no more than 5 inches above the knee.
  • Skirts should be mid-length to long, and pants should be tailored, not too tight, and no sweatpants allowed.
  • Athletic shoes are not acceptable, so it’s better to wear golf shoes or any shoes with soft spikes.
What to Wear Golfing for the First Time Ladies
What to Wear Golfing for the First Time Ladies?

Comfort is Key

When dressing up for golf, comfort should always be a priority. You will be moving and walking constantly, so choose clothes that allow you to move freely. Opt for loose-fitting clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement. Also, make sure the fabric is breathable and lightweight.

Golf-Specific Clothing

Golf-specific clothing is designed not only to make women look stylish but also to provide functionality while playing golf. Here are some golf-specific items you may want to consider:

Polo-Shirts: Polo-shirts are the most commonly worn golf shirts. Choose a comfortable and breathable fabric with a good stretch.

Golf Skorts: Skorts are a combination of shorts and a skirt. They are comfortable and stylish. The skort should be tailored to fit correctly, and the shorts should be long enough to cover your hips.

Golf Shoes: Golf shoes are an essential part of the golfing outfit. They offer stability, traction, and better movement on the golf course. They also protect your feet from the wet grass and mud.

Visors: Visors are a stylish and practical accessory that protects your face and eyes from the sun. They are lightweight and provide a clear view of the course.

Choose the Right Colors

Choosing the right colors in golf can make a huge impact on your overall look. Solid colors such as white, black, beige and navy blue are always a safe choice. However, don’t be afraid to add some colors to your outfit. Pastel shades like lavender, mint green, light pink, and baby blue are also popular in golf fashion.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

Adding some accessories can make a significant difference in your golfing outfit. While jewelry isn’t encouraged on the golf course, there are still plenty of accessories that you can wear, such as:

Hats: Hats are stylish, practical, and have a dual purpose of providing shade and preventing sunburns.

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are essential in protecting your eyes from the sun. Opt for a pair that doesn’t create any shadows or limitations to your vision when swinging.

Gloves: Gloves provide better grip and protect your hands from irritation. Choose a glove that fits perfectly and is comfortable.


In conclusion, choosing what to wear golfing for the first time ladies might seem daunting, but it’s relatively easy. Consider the dress code of the golf course, and make sure to feel comfortable and move freely in your clothing. Opt for golf-specific clothing, choose the right colors, and don’t forget to accessorize. With these tips, you can create a stylish and practical look that will help you feel confident and comfortable on the golf course. So put on your golf shoes, grab your clubs, and tee off in style!

FAQs – What to Wear Golfing for the First Time Ladies?

1. What should I wear for my first time golfing as a lady?

For your first time golfing, it’s important to wear comfortable and appropriate attire. A collared shirt (polo or button-up) paired with golf pants, capris, or a skort is a great option. Make sure to wear golf shoes or athletic shoes with good traction.

2. Are there any specific materials I should look for when choosing golf clothing?

Moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics are ideal for golfing, as they help keep you cool and dry on the course. Look for materials like polyester, spandex, or a blend of both to ensure comfort and flexibility during your game.

3. Is there a dress code I need to follow when golfing for the first time?

While dress codes can vary depending on the golf course, most courses require proper golf attire for all players. This typically includes a collared shirt, golf pants or a skort, and appropriate footwear. It’s best to check with the specific golf course you’ll be visiting for their dress code requirements.

4. What type of shoes should I wear for my first time golfing?

Golf shoes with soft spikes or spikeless soles are the best option for first-time golfers, as they provide the necessary traction and support on the course. If you don’t have golf shoes, athletic shoes with good grip are also acceptable.

5. Should I wear any accessories while golfing?

Accessories such as a hat or visor, sunglasses, and a golf glove can be helpful during your first time golfing. A hat or visor will protect your face from the sun, while sunglasses will shield your eyes from glare. A golf glove can improve your grip and help prevent blisters.

6. What should I avoid wearing during my first golf outing?

Avoid wearing denim, athletic shorts, or leggings, as these are generally not considered appropriate golf attire. Also, avoid wearing high heels or sandals, as they can be unsafe and uncomfortable on the golf course.

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