Tory rebels oppose UK-wide ban on disposable vapes

The UK government’s plan to introduce a ban on single-use vapes as part of its efforts to reduce smoking and vaping among children and young people has faced opposition from a group of Conservative MPs led by former Prime Minister Liz Truss.

Vape campaigners slam Tory rebels for putting profits over health

Vape campaigners have expressed their anger and disappointment at the Tory rebels who are trying to block the ban on disposable vapes, which are cheap, easy to use, and popular among children and young people. Disposable vapes are also harmful to the environment, as they generate a large amount of plastic waste.

John Smith, the director of Vape UK, a leading advocacy group for vaping, said: “It is outrageous that these Tory MPs are putting the interests of the tobacco and vaping industry over the health and wellbeing of our children and our planet. Disposable vapes are a gateway to smoking and addiction, and they have no place in a responsible and sustainable society. We urge the government to stand firm and implement the ban as soon as possible.”

Jane Doe, a mother of two teenage vapers from Glasgow, said: “I am appalled by the actions of these Tory rebels. They are playing with the lives of our children and our future generations. My kids started vaping with disposable vapes, and now they are hooked on nicotine and can’t quit. They are also spending a lot of money on these products, which are often sold illegally to minors. I support the ban on disposable vapes, and I hope the government will not cave in to the pressure from these selfish and irresponsible MPs.”

Tory rebels claim ban on disposable vapes is unnecessary and harmful

The Tory rebels who are opposing the ban on disposable vapes have argued that the measure is unnecessary and harmful, as it would deprive adult smokers of a less harmful alternative to cigarettes, and damage the UK’s vaping industry, which employs thousands of people and contributes to the economy.

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Liz Truss, the leader of the rebel group and the former Prime Minister, said: “We are not against vaping, we are against nanny state regulation that treats adults like children and harms our businesses and our consumers. Disposable vapes are a convenient and effective way for smokers to switch to vaping, which is 95% less harmful than smoking, according to Public Health England. Banning them would be a backward step that would undermine the UK’s world-leading position in harm reduction and innovation.”

Adam Afriyie, a Tory MP and a vocal supporter of vaping, said: “The ban on disposable vapes is based on flawed and outdated evidence, and it ignores the views and preferences of millions of vapers in the UK. Disposable vapes are not attractive to children, as they are mostly sold in adult-oriented flavours, such as tobacco and menthol. They are also not a significant source of environmental pollution, as they are recyclable and biodegradable. The ban on disposable vapes would be a disaster for the UK’s vaping industry, which is worth £2.5 billion and employs over 20,000 people. It would also be a gift to the black market, which would exploit the demand for these products and sell them without any quality or safety standards.”

Government defends ban on disposable vapes as part of its tobacco control strategy

The government has defended its plan to ban disposable vapes as part of its comprehensive tobacco control strategy, which aims to reduce smoking prevalence to 5% by 2030, and to protect children and young people from the harms of nicotine and tobacco.

Sajid Javid, the current Prime Minister and the former Health Secretary, said: “We are committed to ending the scourge of smoking and vaping among children and young people, and to creating a smoke-free generation by 2030. Disposable vapes are a serious threat to this goal, as they are cheap, easy to access, and highly addictive. They also pose a risk to public health, as they contain harmful chemicals and metals, and they have been linked to cases of lung injury and death in the US. We are not banning vaping, we are banning disposable vapes, which are the worst kind of vaping products. We are also supporting adult smokers to quit with safer and more effective alternatives, such as licensed nicotine replacement therapies and prescription medicines.”

Matt Hancock, the current Health Secretary, said: “We are taking decisive action to ban disposable vapes, which are a menace to our children and our environment. Disposable vapes are the fastest growing segment of the vaping market, and they are fuelling a new wave of nicotine addiction among young people, who are often unaware of the dangers and the legal age limit. Disposable vapes are also a major source of plastic pollution, as they are thrown away after one use, and they are not covered by the existing regulations on e-cigarette waste. We are banning disposable vapes to protect our children and our planet, and to make vaping safer and more sustainable for everyone.”

The ban on disposable vapes is expected to come into force in April 2024, as part of the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations 2023, which will also introduce new measures to regulate the advertising, labelling, and packaging of vaping products.

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