Shar Pei And Pit Bull Mix

As we already mentioned, there are many different dog breeds in the world! Some of these dogs have been around for centuries while others are much newer. What makes every breed special is their unique personality and character.

Some people may not like certain qualities that some dogs possess, but that’s what makes each individual dog one-of-a-kind. A lot of dogs have very strong personalities, which sometimes make them difficult to place outside of the home.

That is why it is so important as a responsible owner to understand your dog’s behaviors before deciding whether or not to let him/her off the leash in public. The chances of someone getting hurt from an untrained dog are higher than being hit by a car.

Certain types of dogs are known to be more aggressive towards other animals and humans, especially those with little self-confidence. If you will never allow your dog to behave this way in a situation where people could get hurt, then you should probably keep him/ her at home.

Luckily, most dogs are good pets if they are trained properly. Many owners find that their dog has socialized and learned basic commands after learning about how to manage his/her dominant behavior.

The trick is to identify what type of dog your pet is and what caused him/ her to become aggressive. This article will go into detail about a specific dog mix that can be tricky to trust fully, particularly when they are puppies.

Difference between a Shar Pei and a Pit Bull mix

shar pei and pit bull mixThere are several differences, however, one of the most important is temperament. A shar pei has been known to be very protective of those it considers family.

This can sometimes mean protecting them from outside threats by other dogs or humans.

However, this protection often extends beyond what is necessary. Because they are not needed for an outsider, most shar peis will not connect with that dog.

If you notice your dog acting nervous around another dog, do not encourage interaction unless you have confirmation that these two dogs get along.

Dog trainers say that if you must take your dog out, make sure there are no potential threats in the surrounding area before letting her off the leash.

Also, never let your dog play with any kind of dog, even if it is only for a few minutes. This could set him up for serious danger. People often mistake a playful pit bull as being friendly, but they are actually much more aggressive.

Who would be a good owner for a Shar Pei and Pit Bull mix

shar pei and pit bull mixBeing an appropriate owner means more than just being able to treat your dog with respect, it also requires you to know what kind of dogs are friendly towards other breeds. Since both a shar pei and a pit bull breed have strong protective qualities, not protecting your dog from other dogs is not a great idea unless you make sure that he or she can handle them.

It is very important to understand how different breeds of dogs interact with each other so that you can choose the right home for your puppy! The best place for your puppy will depend on if there are any pre-existing pets in the house, as well as their own needs (such as socialization).

Finding the perfect match between yourself and your new pup takes time, but don’t give up hope until you find it. One of our favorite tips is to look at potential owners’ profiles on sites like and You may also visit meetup groups and chat with people who have similar looking puppies to see if they could offer suggestions.

Factors to consider when adopting an animal


When considering whether or not to adopt a dog, there are several things you should think about. First, do your research! Before bringing home any new furry friend, make sure you have done all of the necessary background checks including meeting with potential owners, talking to other people who know them, and checking their references.

Second, determine if this is a pet that will fit into your lifestyle. If you work long hours, then most likely it is not a good match. Just because a dog has been raised in a house with others of its kind does not mean they would be happy being part of a social group with humans.

Third, understand what type of environment this dog needs to thrive. Does he need attention for too much time? Will he get enough exercise? More importantly, can you give him these things?

Fourth, assess how well-socialized your new pooch is. This includes going to meet and greet classes as well as taking the dog out for visits in public. While some dogs may enjoy exploring new places, many do not. Find out which ones are comfortable for your new companion and ensure that they are socially stable with children and other animals.

Fifth, evaluate whether you are able to commit to regular walks and play dates.

What are the risks of owning a Shar Pei and Pit Bull mix


Even though there is no known case of rabies caused by a dog breed, like the pit bull, there have been cases of dogs that were exposed to rabid animals spreading the disease.

If your dog comes in contact with a sick or infected animal then you must take precautions to prevent exposure to any other diseases.

You should always assess if an animal is healthy before allowing it to interact with yours. If you notice anything abnormal about the animal’s health then don’t let it touch your dog until you know for sure whether or not it has the potential to be contagious.

Certain behaviors such as barking, growling and showing aggression towards humans, pets and other animals are very common traits amongst dogs that may potentially need more training or possible re-homing.

Can they be socialized?

shar pei and pit bull mixEven though there are very few studies about mixed-breed dogs, what we do know is that most people can train any breed as a companion. This includes knowing how to handle different types of dogs in both positive and negative ways.

Some specific things you should look for when trying to determine if a dog can be trained as a companion animal include whether the dog looks happy while being walked by its owner, if it seems friendly towards other animals, and if it appears to understand basic commands such as sit, stay, and come.

However, just because a dog does not meet all these criteria immediately does not mean that it cannot be trained successfully as an adult. It may take some time to tell if this puppy will grow up to be the perfect friend or not, but giving it a chance and working with it consistently is always the best option.

Animal shelters are a great source of information concerning potential companions.

Does the dog need a housebreaking routine

shar pei and pit bull mixEven if you have done this exercise before, it may be worth doing it again as things can easily get lost in transition. House-training is one of the most important training exercises for any puppy or adult.

If your dog has never been trained to go outside, there are some basic guidelines that must be followed. The challenge with owning a young canine is getting them used to going out when they are very young. This is why most people begin house-training at around six months old – so they give their dogs enough time to learn!

There are many ways to train your dog to potty outdoors, but none compare to starting early. When puppies under three months old are left alone in an outdoor area, they will usually poo and then run off to find a place to do it. This can make finding the poop difficult.

The best way to handle this situation is by introducing the puppy to using the toilet indoors first. Once he gets the concept, let him take his time outside to use the grass or pavement as necessary.

Once your dog is able to control his bowels during indoor times, let him enjoy the same freedom outdoors.

Are they aggressive

shar pei and pit bull mixMany people associate pit bulls with aggression, but this is not always the case. Some breeds like to be known as “aggressive” or “dog pack animals.”

The perception of pit bulls as aggressive comes mostly from television and film. The media creates an image for these dogs that does not exist in nature.

In fact, some studies show that it is actually other dog types that are more likely to attack.

A study conducted by the AKC found that over 70% of all breed-related deaths involved dogs being attacked by another canine. Only 2% were due to humans getting bitten.

Another reason why this can happen is when two dogs meet there may be slight territorial disputes. This usually results in one animal attacking the other!

Luckily, most dogs have a moderate fear of pits which makes them less likely to hurt each other. If you must take precautions against any kind of dog, make sure it is safe for your dog before walking him/her off leash.

What about their health


Although there are some instances of dogs being attacked or harmed by other dogs, this is extremely rare. In fact, most dog-dog attacks occur when one dog is hungry or thirsty and goes looking for food or water that does not belong to it.

When a dog is preyed upon in such a way, it can suffer from mental as well as physical trauma. Since many people believe that all breeds attack, people often go after the wrong animal.

It is important to remember that just because two animals look similar does not mean that they have the same personality. Some types of dogs will prove to be more aggressive than others.

Furthermore, even if a breed is known for its aggressiveness, this does not always apply to every individual animal. People must also consider each dog’s temperament before letting them off the leash.

While it may seem safer to let your pooch roam free outside, this cannot always be done. If you live near a park, pool, or beach, then sure, let him/her play! But make sure that you know how to take care of any children that might come into contact with your dog.

And once home, make sure that your dog has proper shelter and safety away from potentially dangerous situations.

By Ishan Crawford

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