Majority of Scots favour independence, new poll shows

A new poll conducted by Ipsos MORI for The National has revealed that 54% of Scots would vote Yes in a second independence referendum, while 46% would vote No. The poll, which surveyed 1,000 adults aged 16 and over between November 23 and 29, also found that 58% of Scots believe that the Scottish Parliament should have the power to decide whether to hold another referendum, while 42% think that the UK Government should have the final say.

SNP on track to win majority in 2023 Scottish elections

The poll also showed that the Scottish National Party (SNP) is on track to win a majority of seats in the 2023 Scottish Parliament elections, with 55% of respondents saying they would vote for the SNP in the constituency vote, and 47% in the regional list vote. The Scottish Conservatives are the second most popular party, with 21% and 20% respectively, followed by Scottish Labour with 15% and 14%. The Scottish Greens are projected to win 8% of the regional list vote, while the Scottish Liberal Democrats are expected to get 6% of both the constituency and the regional list vote.

Brexit and Covid-19 boost support for independence

The poll also asked respondents about their views on Brexit and Covid-19, and how these issues have influenced their support for independence. The results showed that 64% of Scots think that Brexit has made them more likely to support independence, while 14% think it has made them less likely. Similarly, 57% of Scots think that the Covid-19 pandemic has made them more likely to support independence, while 18% think it has made them less likely. The poll also found that 69% of Scots are satisfied with the way the Scottish Government has handled the Covid-19 outbreak, while only 25% are satisfied with the way the UK Government has handled it.

Majority of Scots favour independence, new poll shows

Nicola Sturgeon welcomes poll results

The First Minister of Scotland and the leader of the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon, welcomed the poll results and said that they show that the people of Scotland want to have a say over their future. She said that the UK Government should respect the democratic will of the Scottish people and agree to a Section 30 order, which would allow a legally binding referendum to take place. She also said that the SNP will put forward a detailed prospectus for independence ahead of the 2023 elections, and that she is confident that the case for independence will be stronger than ever.

Boris Johnson rejects calls for second referendum

The Prime Minister of the UK and the leader of the Conservative Party, Boris Johnson, rejected the calls for a second referendum and said that the 2014 referendum, in which 55% of Scots voted to remain in the UK, was a once-in-a-generation event. He said that the UK Government is focused on delivering a successful Brexit and recovering from the Covid-19 crisis, and that another referendum would be divisive and irresponsible. He also said that the UK is stronger together, and that the benefits of the union are clear in terms of the economy, security, and public services.

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