A Scottish Bus Driver’s Tale: Love, Deception, and a Convicted Bigamist

In a tale that reads like a screenplay, a Scottish bus driver’s search for love led him to the arms of a woman whose past was as concealed as it was checkered. This is the story of Peter Knight, a 63-year-old man from Scotland, who fell victim to the charms of a convicted bigamist, Lisa Jane Davies.

The Beginning of a Deceptive Love Story

The Encounter
Peter’s journey began with a Valentine’s Day proposal last year, a moment he believed was the start of his happily ever after. Little did he know that the woman he had fallen for had a history of deceit, one that would soon unravel and leave him warning others of her clutches.

Scottish love deception story

The Wedding in Bali
Their romance led to a wedding in Bali, a ceremony that was non-legally binding but significant enough for Lisa to declare herself a “GP” on the marriage certificate. However, her claims of being a medical professional were unfounded, a fact Peter would only discover much later.

The Unraveling of Truth

The Morning of the Wedding
On the morning of their wedding, Peter received a text message that sent chills down his spine. It was the beginning of the end, as he learned of Lisa’s true nature—her bigamy, her fantasies, and her lack of medical qualifications.

The Aftermath
The revelations continued to pour in, as Peter found out about Lisa’s marriage in Bali and her fabricated tales of attending medical conferences. The woman he knew as Lisa Jane Davies was living a lie, one that spanned across continents and identities.

The Legal Repercussions and Warnings

The Reports to Authorities
Peter has since reported Lisa to the PSNI and Police Scotland, as well as Northern Ireland’s Health Trusts and the HSCNI, over her false claims of being a GP. His story serves as a cautionary tale for those seeking love, reminding them to tread carefully and be wary of those who may not be what they see1


A Caution to Others
As Peter picks up the pieces of his broken heart, his experience stands as a stark warning to others. The charming stranger with a compelling story might just be a facade, hiding a reality far from the truth.

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