Desperate Battle for Life: Mum Fears Daughter’s Fate Amid NHS Red Tape

Edinburgh, Scotland—A heart-wrenching struggle unfolds as a mother fights to save her daughter’s life, caught in the clutches of NHS bureaucracy. Freya Hunter, a 14-year-old girl with severe cerebral palsy, urgently requires a trial of a life-saving machine at the Royal Hospital for Children, Glasgow (RHCG). However, NHS Forth Valley’s refusal to allow her care team to accompany her threatens Freya’s chances of survival.

The Complex Care Needs

Freya’s compromised airway and immobility necessitate round-the-clock care. She relies on two-to-one nursing care at home, fed through her stomach, and constantly on oxygen. Her recent health challenges, including viruses and chest infections, underscore the urgency of her situation.

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The Refusal

Despite the critical nature of Freya’s condition, NHS Forth Valley denied her care team’s presence during the crucial trial. Her mother, Carolynne, pleaded for their support, but the refusal left Freya’s appointment canceled and her life hanging in the balance.

A System Failing Freya

Freya’s case highlights the complexities of caring for children with disabilities within the NHS. Her mother’s plea echoes across Scotland, emphasizing the need for prioritizing complex care and overcoming bureaucratic obstacles.

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