Thousands of Scots to form human chain for independence

What is the Chain of Freedom event?

The Chain of Freedom is a grassroots initiative that aims to show the strength and unity of the Scottish independence movement. On October 16, 2023, thousands of Yes activists will line up along the Forth and Clyde canal, from Bowling to Falkirk, and form a human chain. The event is expected to last for about 20 minutes and will be captured by photographs, drone footage, and media coverage.

Who are the organisers and participants?

The event is organised by a group of volunteers who have been working on the project for over a year. They have divided the canal route into sections, each led by a local Yes group or hub. The organisers have also recruited stewards who will help to ensure the safety and success of the event. The participants are people from all over Scotland who support independence, regardless of their political affiliation. The organisers have invited SNP, Alba, and Salvo members to join the event, as well as non-party activists.

How to register and join the event?

The organisers have created a website and a form for potential participants to register and choose their preferred section. The form also allows organisers to place people anywhere along the route within a reasonable distance. The organisers have stressed the importance of registering in advance, as it will help them to plan the event and adhere to health and safety regulations. The registration form can be found here.

scottish independence human chain

Which sections are reaching capacity?

According to the organisers, some sections of the canal route are reaching capacity and are now closed. These are sections 1A, 6E, and 6F. Section 1A is at the beginning of the route in Bowling, while sections 6E and 6F are at the end in Falkirk. The organisers have advised people to check the availability of other sections before registering.

What to bring and expect on the day?

The organisers have suggested that participants bring extra Saltires and banners to fill any gaps in the chain if necessary. They have also asked people to dress appropriately for the weather and to follow the Covid-19 guidelines. The organisers have promised that the event will be a fun and festive occasion, with music, singing, and cheering. They have also said that the event will be a historic and symbolic gesture of solidarity and determination for the cause of independence.

What is the reaction and impact of the event?

The event has generated a lot of excitement and support among the independence supporters, who have praised the organisers for their creativity and dedication. The event has also attracted some criticism and skepticism from the unionist side, who have questioned the legality and effectiveness of the event. The organisers have responded by saying that the event is fully compliant with the law and that it will send a powerful message to the UK government and the world that Scotland wants to be an independent country.

What will happen next?

The event is seen as a precursor to the planned independence referendum in 2024, which the Scottish government has vowed to hold despite the opposition from Westminster. The organisers hope that the event will inspire more people to join the independence movement and to vote Yes in the referendum. They also hope that the event will demonstrate the strength and diversity of the Scottish people and their aspiration for a better future.

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