A Father’s Desert Marathon: 252km for a Cause Close to the Heart

In an extraordinary display of endurance and dedication, a Scottish father has embarked on a grueling 252km marathon across the Sahara Desert. This formidable challenge, known as the Marathon Des Sables, is not just a test of physical stamina but a heartfelt mission to support the hospital that cared for his prematurely born son.

The Journey Begins

Mark Innes, a 35-year-old dad from Musselburgh, has set out to conquer the sands of the Sahara in a six-day endurance race. His goal is to raise £50,000 for the Edinburgh Royal Hospital for Sick Children, a place that holds a special significance for his family.

The challenge is immense: Mark must traverse the vast desert, facing extreme heat and treacherous terrain, all while being self-sufficient. His preparation for this momentous task began 18 months ago, transforming from a non-runner to a marathon-ready athlete.

Mark Innes Sahara Marathon

The Cause That Drives Him

Behind every stride, there’s a powerful motivator: the health and well-being of his son, Lachlan. Born five weeks premature, Lachlan’s early days were spent under the careful watch of the hospital’s staff. Their incredible work inspired Mark to undertake this journey, turning his personal gratitude into a communal effort to give back.

The support has been overwhelming, with donations pouring in and the community rallying behind Mark’s cause. It’s a testament to the impact that the hospital has on so many lives and the shared desire to contribute to its invaluable service.

The Finish Line in Sight

As Mark battles through the Marathon Des Sables, his partner Ashley and their two children await his triumphant return. With each passing kilometer, he’s closer to the finish line and to achieving his fundraising goal.

This endeavor goes beyond personal achievement; it’s a story of love, resilience, and community spirit. Mark’s journey through the Sahara is a beacon of hope, proving that one person’s effort can ripple out and make a significant difference.

By Axel Piper

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