Scotland braces for more snow and ice as wintry weather persists

Scotland is facing another day of snow and ice as the wintry weather continues to cause disruption across the country. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for snow and ice in eastern Scotland from 5pm on Sunday to 12pm on Monday.

Travel chaos and school closures

The warning covers parts of Aberdeenshire, Angus, Dundee, Fife, Perth and Kinross, Stirling and the Lothians. It advises that some roads and railways may be affected by snow, leading to longer journey times by car, bus and train. Some rural communities could become cut off and power cuts may occur.

The Scottish Government has urged people to plan ahead and check the latest travel information before setting off. Transport Secretary Michael Matheson said: “The Met Office is telling us that parts of the east of Scotland, in particular, are likely to face another period of challenging weather, with snow and ice expected to cause some disruption to travel throughout Sunday evening and Monday morning.”

He added: “Our operating companies have their winter services fully operational and will closely monitor the conditions as they develop. They have already been out treating the trunk road network and will continue to do so throughout the period of the weather warning.”

Some schools in the affected areas have announced closures or delays for Monday due to the weather. A list of school closures can be found on the local council websites.

Record low temperatures and snowfall

The cold snap has brought record low temperatures and heavy snowfall to some parts of Scotland in recent days. On Saturday night, Braemar in Aberdeenshire recorded a temperature of -12.5C, the lowest in the UK since February 2020.

Scotland braces for more snow and ice as wintry weather persists

On Friday, Eskdalemuir in Dumfries and Galloway saw 27cm of snow, the deepest in the UK since March 2018. Other areas, such as Glasgow and the west, also experienced snow and ice over the weekend, causing disruption to roads, rail and flights.

The Met Office said that the wintry weather is due to a combination of cold air from the Arctic and low pressure systems bringing moist air from the Atlantic. It said that the weather is expected to remain cold and unsettled for the next few days, with further snow showers and frosty nights.

Tips to stay safe and warm

The Scottish Government has issued some tips to help people stay safe and warm during the wintry weather. These include:

  • Checking the weather forecast and travel advice before going out
  • Dressing warmly and wearing appropriate footwear
  • Keeping an emergency kit in the car, such as a shovel, blanket, torch and food
  • Staying in touch with family and friends and letting them know your plans
  • Looking out for vulnerable neighbours and relatives who may need help
  • Saving energy and money by following some simple steps, such as turning down the thermostat, draught-proofing windows and doors, and switching to LED light bulbs
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