Sacramento Kings Fans Go All Out in Support of Their Team

Sacramento Kings fans are gearing up for the playoffs by stocking up on Kings gear. From hats to t-shirts, shoes, and everything in between, fans are spending thousands of dollars on memorabilia to show their support for their favorite team. The demand is so high that stores are struggling to keep up, and fans are willing to spend up to $1,000 to get their hands on the latest gear.

High Demand for Kings Gear

Getta Clue, a store located inside the Arden Fair Mall, says they have never seen such a high demand for Kings gear. In a typical day, they receive anywhere from 40 to 60 customers looking for Kings merchandise. Prince Ross, an employee at Getta Clue, says that the store can’t keep up with the demand, and sometimes they don’t even have the right sizes in stock.

Sacramento Kings Fans
Sacramento Kings Fans

The Sacramento Store in Midtown is also seeing an influx of customers. Zayn Silmi, the owner and founder of the store, says that fans are looking for anything with the team’s name or a playoffs mention. The store dropped their own playoff edition t-shirt, and it sold out eight times. Silmi says that fans are waiting outside the store before it even opens to grab their gear and head to the game.

Fans Willing to Spend Big

Fans are not holding back when it comes to spending money on Kings gear. Swavey, a local DJ and superfan, spent $100 on Kings merchandise. Silmi says that he has seen fans come in and spend up to $1,000 on Kings gear. The hope is that the Kings will win the championship, but even if they don’t, fans say their memorabilia will be with them forever to remind them of this moment.

Bringing Sacramento Together

Kings fans are passionate about their team and the city of Sacramento. Swavey says that the Kings bring the city together, and if it’s the Kings that bring them together, then let it be. Fans are proud to wear their Kings gear and show their support for their team. As the playoffs draw closer, the demand for Kings gear will continue to rise as fans gear up for what could be a historic season.

By Ishan Crawford

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