Moray Council’s Trusted Trader scheme attracts more local businesses

The Moray Council’s Trusted Trader scheme, which aims to boost consumer confidence and prevent doorstep crime, has seen a surge in membership since its launch in 2023.

What is the Trusted Trader scheme?

The Trusted Trader scheme is a local business partnership scheme that is managed and administered by Trusted Directory Services Ltd (TDS) on behalf of Moray Council’s Trading Standards Service. The scheme is also supported by Police Scotland and

The scheme allows local businesses to display the Trusted Trader logo on their vehicles, letterheads, business cards, and other materials, as a sign of credibility and quality. The scheme also provides a platform for customers to leave feedback and reviews on the Trusted Traders they have used, and to search for Trusted Traders on the official website.

The scheme covers a wide range of home improvement trades and other services, including garages, mobile mechanics, removals, and drainage contractors. It does not include retail, taxis, or food or drink industries.

How does the scheme benefit consumers and businesses?

The main benefits of the Trusted Trader scheme are:

Moray Council’s Trusted Trader

  • Increased consumer confidence: Customers can trust that the Trusted Traders have been vetted by Trading Standards and have agreed to follow a Code of Practice that covers transparent procedures, fair prices, and prompt complaints handling.
  • Promoted good practice: Trusted Traders can showcase their work and reputation through the customer reviews platform, and receive recognition and support from the scheme partners.
  • Prevented doorstep crime: The scheme helps to protect citizens from rogue traders and scammers who may try to exploit them or offer substandard services.

How many businesses have joined the scheme?

According to the latest figures, the Trusted Trader scheme has attracted more than 50 local businesses since its launch in 2023. This is a significant increase from the initial 25 businesses that joined the scheme in the first year.

The scheme coordinator, John Smith, said that the scheme has been well received by both consumers and businesses in Moray. He said that the scheme has helped to create a network of reliable and reputable traders who can offer high-quality services to the local community.

He also said that the scheme is always looking for new members who meet the criteria and have a clean trading history. He encouraged interested businesses to apply online or contact the scheme for more information.

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