Montrose residents outraged by repeated vandalism of charity Christmas tree

The community of Montrose in Angus has expressed its anger and disappointment after their charity Christmas tree was vandalised for the seventh year in a row. The tree, which was donated by a local farmer, was decorated with lights and baubles by volunteers from the Montrose Emergency Services Group (MESG). The group raises money for various causes, including the RNLI, the Scottish Ambulance Service and the British Heart Foundation.

Tree cut down and ornaments stolen

The vandalism occurred on Saturday night, when unknown culprits cut down the tree and stole some of the ornaments. The tree was located at the High Street, near the town hall. The incident was reported to the police, who are appealing for witnesses and information. The MESG said they were “devastated” by the act of “mindless destruction” and that they would not be able to replace the tree this year.

A history of vandalism

This is not the first time that the charity Christmas tree in Montrose has been targeted by vandals. In previous years, the tree has been set on fire, knocked over, stripped of its lights and decorations, and even thrown into the river. The MESG said they have spent thousands of pounds over the years to repair and replace the tree and its accessories. They said they were “fed up” with the constant vandalism and that they felt “let down” by the community.

Montrose residents outraged by repeated vandalism of charity Christmas tree

Community reaction

The vandalism of the charity Christmas tree has sparked outrage and sadness among the residents of Montrose. Many people took to social media to condemn the perpetrators and to express their support for the MESG. Some people also offered to donate money or ornaments to help the group. The MESG thanked the public for their kindness and generosity, but said they had decided not to put up another tree this year. They said they hoped that next year, they would be able to resume their tradition of bringing festive cheer to the town.

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