The Mary Wallopers: From online gigs to sold-out shows at Glasgow’s Barrowlands

The Mary Wallopers are a folk-punk band from Dundalk, Ireland, who have risen to fame during the pandemic with their lively online performances. Now, they are set to play two sold-out shows at Glasgow’s iconic Barrowland Ballroom in April 2024.

How the band started and gained popularity

The Mary Wallopers consist of brothers Charles and Andrew Hendy, Sean McKenna, and four other members who joined later. They started playing music together in their shed in Dundalk, and decided to name themselves after a slang term for a punch in the face.

The band’s style is influenced by traditional Irish folk music, as well as punk, rock, and hip-hop. They sing songs about love, politics, drinking, and everyday life, with a humorous and energetic twist.

The band gained popularity during the lockdown, when they started streaming live gigs from their shed on YouTube and Twitch. They attracted thousands of viewers from around the world, who enjoyed their interactive and spontaneous shows. The band also released their debut album, A Mouthful of The Mary Wallopers, in October 2023, which received critical acclaim.

Why Glasgow is a special place for the band

The band has a strong connection with Glasgow, as they have performed there several times before the pandemic. They have also collaborated with local artists, such as Declan Welsh and The Decadent West, and The Ninth Wave.

The Mary Wallopers:

One of the band’s most popular songs is a cover of The Glasgow Song, originally written and performed by Matt McGinn in the 1960s. The song is a tribute to the city and its people, and features references to landmarks, such as the Barrowlands, the Clyde, and the Gorbals.

The band recorded their version of the song in Glasgow, with the help of producer Paul Savage, who has worked with Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, and Arab Strap. The song was released as a single in December 2023, and quickly became a hit among fans and critics.

The band said that they wanted to recreate the song as a way of showing their appreciation and admiration for Glasgow and its culture. They said that they felt a kinship with the city, as it shares a similar history and spirit with Dundalk.

What to expect from their upcoming shows at the Barrowlands

The band is set to play two shows at the Barrowland Ballroom on April 4 and 5, 2024, as part of their UK and Ireland tour. The shows are sold out, with over 4,000 tickets snapped up by eager fans.

The band said that they are thrilled and honoured to play at the Barrowlands, which they consider to be one of the best venues in the world. They said that they are looking forward to bringing their shed vibes to the stage, and to share their music and energy with the audience.

The band promised that their shows will be full of fun, surprises, and sing-alongs, and that they will play songs from their album, as well as some new and old favourites. They also hinted that they might have some special guests joining them on stage, but did not reveal any names.

The band said that they are grateful for the support and love they have received from their fans, especially during the pandemic. They said that they hope that their shows will be a celebration of music, life, and community, and that they will make some unforgettable memories with their fans in Glasgow.

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