Why Kin is the best Irish crime drama to binge-watch right now

If you are looking for a gripping and gritty crime drama to sink your teeth into, look no further than Kin, the new Irish series that has taken the world by storm. Kin follows the Kinsellas, a fictional Dublin family involved in a brutal gang war with an international cartel. The show boasts a stellar cast of Irish and British actors, a compelling plot, and a realistic portrayal of the dark side of the Irish capital. Here are some reasons why you should watch Kin right now.

A family saga with a twist

Kin is not your typical crime drama. It is also a family saga that explores the complex relationships and loyalties among the Kinsellas, who have to stick together in the face of overwhelming odds. The show delves into the personal lives and struggles of each family member, from the patriarch Frank (Aidan Gillen), who tries to keep his clan in line, to the rebellious Eric (Sam Keeley), who sparks the conflict with the cartel, to the estranged Amanda (Clare Dunne), who returns to the fold after a tragedy. The show also features some strong female characters, such as Bridget (Maria Doyle Kennedy), Frank’s sister and the matriarch of the family, and Nikita (Yasmin Seky), Eric’s girlfriend and a savvy hacker. Kin shows how the Kinsellas cope with grief, betrayal, love, and violence, and how they are bound by blood and family.

A stellar cast of Irish and British actors

Kin boasts an impressive cast of Irish and British actors, who deliver powerful and nuanced performances. Aidan Gillen, best known for his roles in Game of Thrones, The Wire, and Love/Hate, plays Frank Kinsella, the leader of the family and a seasoned criminal. Gillen brings a mix of charisma, ruthlessness, and vulnerability to his role, making Frank a complex and compelling character. Ciarán Hinds, another Game of Thrones alum, plays Eamon Cunningham, the head of the cartel and Frank’s nemesis. Hinds portrays Cunningham as a cold and calculating villain, who will stop at nothing to crush the Kinsellas. Charlie Cox, who starred as Daredevil in the Marvel series, plays Michael Kinsella, Frank’s brother and right-hand man. Cox gives a subtle and emotional performance as Michael, who is loyal to his family but also haunted by his past. The show also features some talented newcomers, such as Yasmin Seky, who plays Nikita, a smart and resourceful hacker who helps the Kinsellas in their war. Seky brings a fresh and dynamic energy to the show, and has a great chemistry with Sam Keeley, who plays her boyfriend Eric.

Why Kin is the best Irish crime drama to binge-watch right now

A realistic portrayal of the Dublin underworld

Kin is set in Dublin, and the show does not shy away from showing the gritty and grimy reality of the city’s underworld. The show depicts the violence, corruption, and poverty that plague the streets of Dublin, and how the gangs and the police are intertwined. The show also uses authentic Dublin slang and accents, making the dialogue more realistic and immersive. The show does not glamorize or sensationalize the crime scene, but rather shows the consequences and the costs of living in it. The show also explores the social and political issues that affect the city, such as drug addiction, homelessness, and immigration.

A compelling plot with twists and turns

Kin has a gripping and fast-paced plot that keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. The show starts with a bang, when Eric Kinsella kills a member of the cartel, triggering a war that puts his family in danger. The show then follows the Kinsellas as they try to survive and fight back against the cartel, while also dealing with their own internal conflicts and secrets. The show has plenty of twists and turns, as alliances are formed and broken, betrayals are revealed, and surprises are thrown in. The show also has some cliffhangers and shocking moments, that will leave the viewers wanting more. The show has been renewed for a second season, which promises to be even more intense and exciting.

If you are a fan of crime dramas, you should not miss Kin, the best Irish crime drama to binge-watch right now. The show has everything you need: a family saga, a stellar cast, a realistic setting, and a compelling plot. You can watch Kin on RTÉ One and RTÉ Player, or on AMC+ in the US.

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