KIKO Milano Unveils New Beauty Haven at Braehead Shopping Centre

In a vibrant celebration of beauty and style, Italian cosmetics giant KIKO Milano has launched its latest store in the bustling Braehead Shopping Centre. This strategic move marks the brand’s first foray into Scotland, promising to bring a touch of Milanese elegance to Glasgow’s retail landscape.

A Fresh Face in Town

The new KIKO Milano outlet, nestled on the upper level of Braehead, offers a treasure trove of beauty products. From the latest in makeup innovation to luxurious skin and body treatments, the store is poised to become a go-to destination for beauty aficionados. The spacious 1,000 square foot shop reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and customer experience, with a 10-year lease underscoring their long-term vision for Scottish presence.

The store’s opening was met with enthusiasm from shoppers and beauty bloggers alike, who were eager to explore KIKO’s wide array of products. The brand’s reputation for combining high-performance with affordability has already garnered a loyal following, and the new location is expected to attract an even broader demographic.

KIKO Milano Braehead store interior

Beauty Meets Innovation

KIKO Milano’s expansion into Braehead is more than just a new store opening; it’s a statement of the brand’s innovative approach to beauty. With a philosophy that empowers individuals to express their unique style, KIKO has consistently stayed ahead of trends, offering cutting-edge products that cater to a diverse customer base.

The store features an extensive range of makeup, from vibrant eyeshadows to long-lasting lipsticks, all crafted with the finest ingredients. Additionally, KIKO places a strong emphasis on skincare, providing solutions for every skin type and concern. The brand’s dedication to research and development shines through in their product offerings, ensuring that each item on the shelves represents the pinnacle of beauty technology.

A Commitment to Community

KIKO Milano’s presence in Braehead is not just about selling products; it’s about creating a community. The store aims to be a hub for beauty enthusiasts to come together, share tips, and discover new trends. Workshops and events are in the pipeline, designed to educate and inspire customers on the art of makeup and skincare.

The brand’s commitment to the community extends beyond the store, with plans to collaborate with local artists and influencers. These partnerships will not only highlight local talent but also create a platform for creative exchange, further cementing KIKO’s role as a beauty leader in Scotland.

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