Iranian Refugee in Scotland Crafts Unique Tartan Guitar

An Iranian refugee, Javad ‘Jay’ Soltani, has created a unique tartan guitar to express his gratitude to the Scottish community that welcomed him. Arriving in Scotland two years ago, Javad used his skills in guitar-making to craft a beautiful instrument incorporating traditional Scottish tartan. This gesture symbolizes his appreciation for the support and kindness he received from the locals.

A Heartfelt Creation

Javad Soltani’s journey to Scotland began two years ago when he fled his home city of Shiraz. With a background in interior design and painting, Javad had already established a successful career in crafting classical guitars. Upon arriving in Inverclyde, he sought to continue his passion and give back to the community that embraced him. The result was a stunning tartan guitar, made from ash and wenge wood, with a piece of purple, black, white, and grey plaid set into the body of the electric bass.

The creation of this guitar was no small feat. It took Javad a year to complete, with two months dedicated to research and design, and ten months to the actual crafting process. His determination to create something unique and meaningful is evident in every detail of the instrument. Javad named his creation “Caledonia,” reflecting his deep connection to Scotland and its culture.

iranian refugee creates tartan guitar in scotland

Javad’s work has not gone unnoticed. He received support from various local organizations, including Inverclyde Shed, which provided him with space to host guitar-making workshops. These workshops allowed Javad to share his skills and knowledge with others, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. His church, Glasgow Kelvin Christadelphians, also played a crucial role by sourcing the tartan for the guitar.

Community Support and Recognition

The support Javad received from the local community has been overwhelming. From providing materials to offering workshop space, the people of Inverclyde have shown their commitment to helping Javad succeed. This support has not only enabled him to create the tartan guitar but also to plan for the future. Javad has developed a business plan and intends to approach Business Gateway with his ideas for setting up a guitar-making workshop and business.

Javad’s story has resonated with many, highlighting the positive impact that refugees can have on their new communities. His dedication to his craft and his desire to give back have earned him recognition and admiration. The tartan guitar stands as a testament to the power of community support and the potential for refugees to contribute meaningfully to their new homes.

The tartan guitar has also garnered attention beyond Inverclyde. Javad hopes to showcase his creation worldwide, spreading a message of gratitude and unity. He envisions the “Caledonia” guitar becoming a symbol of his journey and the bond between him and the Scottish people. This ambitious goal reflects Javad’s determination to make a lasting impact through his art.

Future Aspirations

Looking ahead, Javad has big plans for his guitar-making venture. He aims to establish a workshop where he can continue crafting unique instruments and teach others the art of guitar-making. This initiative will not only provide Javad with a sustainable livelihood but also create opportunities for others to learn and develop new skills.

Javad’s vision extends beyond just making guitars. He wants to build a community around his craft, where people can come together to share their passion for music and craftsmanship. By offering workshops and training sessions, Javad hopes to inspire others and foster a sense of belonging and creativity.

The journey of Javad Soltani is a powerful example of resilience and the transformative power of community support. His tartan guitar is more than just an instrument; it is a symbol of hope, gratitude, and the enduring human spirit. As Javad continues to pursue his dreams, he serves as an inspiration to others, showing that with determination and support, anything is possible.

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