How To Use Cloves Water For Hair Growth?

There are many different ways to use clove oil for hair growth, but one of the most popular is adding 2-3 drops in your bath or shower every other day. This will not work if you don’t wash your hair regularly, however!

Cloves have a compound called allicin that works as an antioxidant. When antioxidants are depleted from our bodies, inflammation can occur and may be detrimental to overall health.

Inflammation has been linked to issues such as heart disease and arthritis. For this reason, there is a growing body of research showing that clove oil helps reduce inflammation and promote healthy skin and scalp conditions.

There are several theories about how it does this, but allicin is probably part of the process. It acts similarly to sulphur which is well known for its antimicrobial properties.

Since clove oil is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, it might help prevent damage from external factors like poor hygiene or dryness caused by frequent washing.

Mix properly

how to use cloves water for hair growth

One of the most important things about using clove oil for hair growth is knowing how to use it. You want to make sure that you never get too much of the oil in your hands as this could cause skin or eye irritation.

To use clove oil for hair growth, mix one part olive oil with two or three drops of clove oil per mousse-like product. Apply the mixture directly to your scalp and massage into the roots and ends of your hair. Let sit for at least an hour and then wash off with warm water.

Make sure to work slowly when applying the oils to prevent any excess from getting onto your hand which can potentially irritate your skin.

Use as a rinse or leave in conditioner

how to use cloves water for hair growth

A popular use of cloves is using them as an internal hair growth ingredient. You can either use it as a wash-out mix, applying it to your scalp and washing off all of the hairs that you can reach with your fingers, or use it in a paste form and apply it directly onto your scalp.

Either way, the scent will stick in your mouth for some time, making this one of the most pleasant aromas for the next few days.

You can also add a drop or two of clove oil into your shampoo if you like stronger smells.

Give your hair the rest it needs

how to use cloves water for hair growth

There are many ways to use clove oil for beautiful, luscious locks. You can apply it directly onto your hands or scalp to massage in and work as natural shampoo, rinse out with water, and repeat if needed.

You can also soak your hair in clove oil overnight – this is called dousing-dyeing and will give you some interesting results! The next day, wash off the dried oils and your hair will be much healthier than it was before.

And don’t forget about all the other uses of clove oil mentioned in our article here. It makes a great skin moisturizer and salve, aids in digestion, and helps relieve pain and inflammation.

Cloves have been used in beauty rituals across cultures for centuries, so try experimenting with it now! May the power of cloves help improve your hair’s health and growth.

Enjoy beautiful hair


When using clove oil for hair growth, it is important to make sure your hands are clean before applying the oil. If you have skin issues such as dry or eczema, apply a thin layer of the oil directly onto your hand first to test if it feels okay.

If there isn’t much reaction, then use a thicker amount of the oil on your scalp. Because cloves contain ethyl alcohol, which can be drying, only needed amounts of this chemical remain in the final product.

After washing your hair, spread the remaining drops of oil through wet locks to promote growth. Letting your own natural oils do the work helps prevent breakage and removes any chemicals that might already exist in the roots.

You can now run your fingers through your hair to see all the new curls! Keep doing this every few days until you get the desired result.

Take care of your hair

how to use cloves water for hair growth

The best way to use cloves as a shampoo is to do so in a cup size batch every week. You can make sure that it does not strip your hair too much by using only half a clove per 1 lukewarm bottle of water.

Mix together the clove extract with the liquid until you have a consistency like oatmeal, and then apply it onto your wet hair. Make sure to wash it off thoroughly afterwards!

Your scalp will enjoy the benefits of this natural product after some uses which include improved growth and reduced dryness. Try out our easy to follow tips for using cloves as a shampoo for the best results.

Use oil to reduce dry scalp

how to use cloves water for hair growth

Many people have experimented with various oils and extracts to promote hair growth, and one of the most popular oils is clove. Certain types of cloves can help improve your hair’s health by acting as an antioxidant and promoting blood circulation in the area.

A study conducted at the University of California determined that lavender oil may boost hair growth. While more studies are needed, some theories suggest that certain components in lavender like limonene or linalool could work similarly to minoxidil (a commonly used hair growth supplement).

You can use clove oil directly onto your hair or mix it into a liquid such as oil before applying it to the scalp. Make sure to test a small amount on your skin first to make sure you don’t get any uncomfortable reactions!

Cloves contain allicin, which acts as a antimicrobial agent and helps eliminate fungi and bacteria. This may contribute to their effectiveness in treating nail infections and dandruff. To be extra careful, try using only a few drops of clove oil at a time until you determine how much goes a long way.

Should you run out, don’t worry! You can just wash your hair with water instead and its natural moisture will take care of the rest.

Use oil to reduce dandruff

how to use cloves water for hair growth

When using clove water for hair growth, one of the most important things is ensuring that you are not using it in conjunction with shampoo or products containing alcohol.

If you have noticed your hair looking thinner or lighter than before, this could be due to excessive use of clove oil. More likely though, is that you used the wrong type of clove oil or that you overused it.

Some people make false claims about how well clove oil works by talking about its effectiveness as an allergen reducer. However, this theory has been debunked and does not work.

Use oil to reduce split ends

how to use cloves water for hair growth

Split ends are your hair’s worst enemy! They occur when one strand of hair is constantly pulling away from the next, causing thinner hairs to break off and expose the roots of the hair.

Split ends usually start occurring in dark and wet conditions, so making sure your hair is well-hydrated at all times will help prevent this damage.

One way to protect your locks is by using a clove water wash. A clove water wash uses either whole cloves or clove oils in a lukewarm bath to promote growth. Both work similarly, but some say that dried cloves work better than fresh ones because they don’t disintegrate as quickly.

You can also use the steam produced by the clove water wash to dry your hair more thoroughly. When drying your hair, try rubbing it through tangling curls or rolling it up into a bun to see how fast it dries.

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