How Much Do Chiweenies Cost?

We are living in a golden era for beauty gurus. Companies have made it their mission to tell us about every possible way to improve our look, find new ways to do things with your hair, and teach you how to put together some of the best looks of your life.

There is one very popular style that has exploded over the past few years-the chiweenie! A chiweenie is when different parts of your natural hair are styled into one large, fluffy cowl-like top layer.

Many people create chiweenies using only two types of hairs– either straight or curly haired ones. For example, they may use half a braid for the front and then pull it through as one long piece. Or they may take both ends and fold them back towards each other creating one big circle.

The trick to making a chiweenie hairstyle look good is keeping all of the pieces attached to each other! This means ensuring that none of the locks come untwined or stand up spikily. It also requires having enough hairs of both textures to make the attachment areas.

Beauty brands have incorporated chiweenies into many products, some more successfully than others. Some seem like they would work well, but require too much effort to produce a worthy looking result. Others look totally fake and plasticized!

This article will talk about the cost of chiweenies and whether or not they are worth it.

The anatomy of a chiweenie

how much do chiweenies cost

So what is a chiweenie? That’s an excellent question! A chiweenie, also known as a gremlin dog or ghost dog, is a type of canine that does not look like any other breed. They have long legs, short rounded bodies, and oversized heads with wrinkled skin.

Most chiweentimes are brown in color, but there are white ones too! Some believe this shape comes from their Scottish ancestry, while others say it has to do with them looking similar to goblins or ghouls.

Chiweenies usually don’t get much attention because they are often considered ugly or strange. But even though they may be unique, that doesn’t mean they are expensive to maintain! In fact, some people claim they are very cost-effective since you can find one cheap or free.

There are many different ways to lower the costs of owning a chiweenie, but first let us talk about why these dogs are so expensive to begin with.

Price comparison of chiweenie meats

how much do chiweenies costThe price difference between dog meat and cat meat comes down to what kind of animal you are eating. Obviously, canine meat is more expensive than feline meat, but which one is costlier depends on where you live and how much you eat.

In some parts of the United States like Texas or California, it is very common to find cheap fresh chicken, beef, and/or pork. These foods are readily available at grocery stores and eateries that cater to large groups of people. Because these foods are so plentiful, they are comparatively inexpensive!

However, this article assumes you are reading this in an area with limited food sources. If you lived in a place surrounded by restaurants every night, then paying higher prices for meat would be less significant.

Still though, it is important to know about nutritional value when buying meat. For example, fat content can make a big difference. We will talk more about that later in this article.

Popular brands of chiweenie


Many people are drawn to chiwenis because they seem expensive! Some can cost over $100 per pooch! While this is definitely not affordable for many, there are some popular brands that are more affordable than others.

There are several companies that offer low-cost pooches that still look just as cute as other brands’ chiweens.

Can I make my own?

Making your own chi-chi is definitely an interesting way to go! While most people start with paws as their base, you can choose any kind of fur or skin that you like and then modify it for style and color.

Making your own chi-chis is very easy to do and anyone can do it! All you need are some hairs from around the house or somewhere else you have access to, some glue, and some time!

Glues such as hot glue and gel glue can be used to stick the fake fur in place. When using gel glues, you will want to let dry completely before applying the next layer.

General tips: use a light hand when painting the fur and roll each piece up slightly while drying so they set properly. Make sure to wash your new chi-chi thoroughly and apply a thin layer of moisturizer to prevent sweating.

Cooking tips for chiweenies


When baking or toasting chiwner dogs, they can become overdone if done too quickly. This is not good because then they taste burnt or worse, meaty! To prevent this, we must be careful when cooking them.

Here are some tips to do so without wasting money!

Never bake more than six chiwners at once in the oven as that is the maximum number of minutes you should cook each one before checking their internal temperature. This is due to how thick their coat is!

Thick coats take longer to heat through compared to thinner fur puppies. By limiting the time in the oven, your puppy will still warm up slightly outside but within those six minuets, they will stay warmer and eatable.

You also want to make sure that every few minutes you check the chiwner dog’s nose to see if it has dried out. If it has, try to rehydrate it by putting water next to it.

Ways to eat chiweenies

how much do chiweenies costFor those that are curious about these little critters, there are several ways to enjoy them! Most recipes call for baking or boiling chiymes (no surprise here) but some suggest frying or broiling.

Whatever method you choose to prepare them, make sure they are cooked all the way through before eating so that none of their internal organs remain raw.

Once they’re cool, you can either chop them up or just remove the legs and suck out the fat content. The leftover meat can be stored in an oven-safe container and frozen until ready to use.

You also may want to wash your hands thoroughly after handling them due to possible bacteria.

Hearty or light?


As mentioned before, chiweenie cost is dependent on two things – internal and external! The internal costs are paid for through veterinary bills and toys. The price of each toy depends on what type it is and how much its maker wanted to put into it. External costs include food and diapers for the dog during potty training.

The average total cost per chiweenie is around $500–$600. This includes medical expenses, toys, and food. Some owners choose to not include the cost of food in their budget because they either get free meals from work or their owner makes sure their lunch is covered.

Some believe that paying extra for your puppy is worth it since you will be investing in their health and development. Others may feel that spending this money is unnecessary as most puppies grow up being house-trained and finding their own bowls. Yours will depend on whether or not you want both long term benefits and the experience of owning a dog.

External costs such as food can add up quickly if you don’t keep track of them.

Try new recipes with chiweenies


While some people purchase whole chiweens, or fry them as flippers, most use only their legs. The reason for this is that eating just the leg can be expensive due to how much meat you have!

Most recipes require one chiwanee per person, so if you eat all of the legs, it can add up quickly. Luckily, there are ways to make this cost effective.

First, buy half-chiweens instead of whole ones. This will save you around $1 per chiwanee because you get a discount. Second, use less than your normal amount of olive oil in the recipe. For example, when baking chicken wings, using less oil means more money spent on snacks later!

Another way to cut down on costs is to either bake or broil the chiweens. This will prevent warm fats from dripping onto other foods while you’re eating them, reducing contamination.

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