A historic forest with a WWI airship station is on sale for £3.9 million

A large forest in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, that includes the remains of a World War One airship station, is on the market for offers over £3.9 million.

Lenabo Forest: A productive and historic site

Lenabo Forest, located near Mintlaw, is a mixed-aged commercial forest that covers 890 acres of land. It has well-established crops of conifer and broadleaf trees, and offers long-term investment security. The forest is being sold by Goldcrest Land and Forestry Group, a specialist agent in woodland and forestry sales.

The forest also contains a special extra: the site of the former Lenabo Airship Station, also known as RNAS Longside. This was one of Scotland’s military airship stations during the First World War, and was used to patrol the North Sea for enemy submarines and ships. The station was established in 1915 and closed in 1920. It had three airship sheds, a gas plant, a railway branch line, and various technical buildings. The main area of the station, covering nine hectares, is classified as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

A rare opportunity to own a piece of history

The sale of Lenabo Forest is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in owning a piece of Scottish history. The airship station was one of the largest and most important in the country, and played a vital role in the war effort. The station was home to several types of airships, including the North Sea Class, which could carry bombs and torpedoes. The station also witnessed some notable events, such as the first transatlantic flight of an airship in 1919, and the crash of the R34 airship in 1921.

A historic forest with a WWI airship station is on sale for £3.9 million

The remains of the station are still visible on the ground, and include concrete foundations, metal structures, and wooden poles. There is also a plaque that commemorates the station and its personnel. The site is protected by law, and any development or disturbance would require consent from Historic Environment Scotland.

A potential for tourism and conservation

The forest and the airship station could also have potential for tourism and conservation. The forest is rich in wildlife, and has several paths and tracks that are suitable for walking, cycling, and horse riding. The forest is also close to other attractions, such as the Aden Country Park, the Pitfour Estate, and the Buchan and Formartine Way.

The airship station could be an interesting destination for visitors who are interested in aviation, military, or local history. The site could be enhanced with interpretive panels, guided tours, or a visitor centre. The site could also be used for educational purposes, such as school visits, workshops, or research projects.

The sale of Lenabo Forest is divided into two lots: Lot 1, which includes the airship station site, is offered for £3.65 million; and Lot 2, which is a smaller woodland area, is offered for £300,000. The closing date for offers is 12:00 on Thursday, 23 November 2023.

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