Glasgow to expand Street Play scheme in 2024 for children and communities

Glasgow City Council has announced that it will double the number of Street Play days in 2024, to allow children and communities to enjoy a traffic-free environment in their local streets. The scheme, which provides a free road closure for residents and groups who want to organise a Street Play session, had been growing in popularity before the Covid pandemic.

What is Street Play and why is it important?

Street Play is an initiative that aims to create safe and fun spaces for children to play outside in their neighbourhoods, and to bring people of all ages together. It is based on the idea that children have the right to play in their streets, and that playing outdoors has many benefits for their health, wellbeing, and development.

According to Play Scotland, a charity that promotes the importance of play, Street Play can also help to reduce social isolation, improve community cohesion, and foster a sense of belonging. Street Play can also contribute to the city’s climate goals, by encouraging active travel and reducing car use.

How does Street Play work and how can I get involved?

Street Play is open to residents and not-for-profit organisations, such as community groups and housing associations, who want to organise a Street Play session in their area. Applicants can apply for a free road closure for between 10am and 4pm on a designated day, and the cost of insurance is reimbursed by Glasgow Life up to £147.

children and communities

The scheme is run by Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life, in partnership with Play Scotland and Sustrans Scotland. The council provides guidance and support for applicants, and helps to ensure that the road closures are safe and legal. Glasgow Life provides funding and resources for the insurance and equipment, such as cones, signs, and games.

In 2024, there will be four weekends available for Street Play, which are:

  • Saturday, May 4 to Monday, May 6
  • Friday, May 24 to Monday, May 27
  • Friday, June 21 to Monday, June 24
  • Friday, September 27 to Monday, September 30

The dates for Street Play in 2024 were announced in advance, to give more time for applicants to plan and prepare their events. The council also hopes to encourage more involvement from schools and school communities, and to explore the possibility of using school car free zones for Street Play areas.

To apply for a Street Play road closure, applicants can visit the council’s website and fill in an online form. The deadline for applications is six weeks before the chosen date. Applications that include commercial activity or a licence of some description are not allowed as part of the scheme.

What are the reactions and expectations for Street Play in 2024?

The expansion of Street Play in 2024 has been welcomed by the city’s transport and climate convener, Councillor Angus Millar, who said:

“I am very pleased we are increasing the number of Street Play weekends this year. By giving early notice of our plans for the year ahead, we hope to capture the enthusiasm for Street Play that was growing before the pandemic.

Street Play is a very simple idea. It’s all about creating safe places for children to play outside in their local street with cars and other vehicles put to one side for a day or two.

It is an opportunity for children to reclaim the street space that is normally off-limits to them and provide a relaxed environment for people of all ages to bring communities together. I hope neighbourhoods across Glasgow will take advantage of our expanded Street Play programme in 2024.”

The announcement was also praised by Play Scotland, who said:

“We are delighted that Glasgow City Council is doubling the number of Street Play days in 2024. This is a fantastic opportunity for children and families to enjoy playing in their streets, and to experience the benefits of outdoor play for their health, happiness, and learning.

Street Play is also a great way to strengthen community bonds, and to create a more child-friendly and sustainable city. We look forward to supporting Glasgow City Council and Glasgow Life in delivering this exciting initiative, and to seeing more children and adults having fun in their streets.”

The council expects that Street Play will be more popular and successful in 2024, as the Covid restrictions ease and people feel more comfortable to socialise and participate in outdoor activities. The council also hopes that Street Play will inspire more people to adopt a playful and active lifestyle, and to appreciate the value of their local streets and spaces.

By Axel Piper

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