Brazen Thieves Caught Stealing from Glasgow Salon: A Shocking Incident

In a daring act of theft, a group of four women and a child targeted Baxter Salon in Glasgow, making off with around £200 worth of hair products. The audacious thieves were captured on camera, their actions leaving the salon staff stunned and the community outraged.

The Heist Unfolds

On a seemingly ordinary Thursday evening, the group strolled down Pollokshaws Road near the salon. Their casual demeanor belied their intentions. Two members of the group, making no effort to conceal their identities, entered the salon. With calculated precision, they snatched items from the shelf. Shockingly, even a young girl participated, taking two items without hesitation.


A Shock to the Salon

The salon’s management learned of the theft from an alert client who witnessed the incident. Reviewing the CCTV footage, they watched as the thieves executed their plan. The co-owner expressed disbelief, stating, “We’ve been here over four years and have never experienced any trouble, so it’s come as a shock.” The brazenness of the act, coupled with the involvement of a child, left the salon staff deeply disturbed.

The Little Girl and the Stolen Goods

Perhaps the most unsettling aspect was the young girl’s role. Her actions raise questions about the environment in which she is growing up. The salon co-owner lamented, “It’s such a shame that she is being brought up to think that stealing is an acceptable thing to do.” The stolen stock, valued at £200, remains unrecovered.

A Pattern of Theft

The incident at Baxter Salon is not isolated. Other businesses have reported similar encounters with this notorious group of shoplifters. One salon claimed they had allegedly stolen £1,000 worth of GHD merchandise. The community now grapples with how to address this recurring problem.

By Zane Lee

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