Glasgow’s Willy Wonka Nightmare: How a Chocolate Event Turned Sour

A chocolate-themed event in Glasgow that promised to be a magical experience for children and adults alike turned out to be a disaster that left many customers angry and disappointed. The Willy’s Chocolate Experience, organised by House of Illuminati, was advertised as an immersive celebration of chocolate inspired by the Warner Bros film Wonka, starring Timothée Chalamet. However, what the attendees found was a poorly decorated warehouse with cheap props, a bouncy castle, and a few jelly beans.

Police Called to Shut Down the Event

The event, which was scheduled to run on Saturday and Sunday, was cancelled midway through the first day after police were called to the venue in Whiteinch, an industrial area of Glasgow. Many families who had spent hundreds of pounds on tickets demanded refunds and complained about the “awful” and “farce” event that left their children in tears. Some of them had travelled from far away places such as Aberdeen, Dundee, Fife, and even Newcastle.

According to Paul Connell, an actor who had been hired by the company to perform at the event, the organisers were “let down in many areas” and had none of the promised props or special effects. He said he felt sad for the kids who were expecting a “celebration of sweetness and imagination” but instead got a “nightmare”. He added that he was told to improvise and hand out a quarter cup of lemonade at the end.

House of Illuminati Apologises and Promises Refunds

House of Illuminati, the company behind the event, issued a statement on Facebook, apologising to the customers and saying that they would give full refunds to everyone who bought tickets. They claimed that they were let down by their suppliers and contractors at the last minute and tried to push through with the event, but realised they should have cancelled it earlier. They also said that they were not affiliated with Warner Bros or Roald Dahl, the author of the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which inspired the film.

However, many customers were not satisfied with the apology and accused the company of being “cowboys” and “scammers”. They also said that they had not received any confirmation of their refunds and that the company had deleted negative comments and reviews from their Facebook page. A Facebook group has been set up by the angry customers to share their experiences and seek legal action against the company.

A History of Failed Events and Crowdfunders

This is not the first time that House of Illuminati, which describes itself as a “creative events and entertainment company”, has been involved in controversy. According to the Glasgow World, the company has a history of failed events and crowdfunders, such as:

Glasgow’s Willy Wonka Nightmare

  • The Gowanbank Hub, a community arts and culture centre that was supposed to open in 2019, but never did. The company had raised over £10,000 from the public for the project, but the money was never accounted for.
  • The Billy Coull House of Illuminati, a crowdfunder that aimed to raise £100,000 to buy a mansion and turn it into a “creative hub for artists and performers”. The campaign only raised £1,500 and was cancelled by the company.
  • The Disastrous Glasgow Wonka Event, a crowdfunder that sought to raise £50,000 to create a “world-class immersive chocolate experience” in Glasgow. The campaign only raised £35 and was also cancelled by the company.

The Glasgow World also reported that the company had been using misleading AI-generated images and videos to promote their events, such as a fake video of Timothée Chalamet endorsing the Willy’s Chocolate Experience. The company has not responded to the allegations.

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