Finnieston Six by Nico to become a fish and chip shop

A popular Glasgow restaurant is set to be transformed into an ‘upmarket’ fish and chip shop. Finnieston Six by Nico, which is part of the Six by Nico chain of restaurants, has submitted plans to change its use from a restaurant to a hot food takeaway.

A new concept for Finnieston

Finnieston Six by Nico opened in 2017 as a sister restaurant to the original Six by Nico in the city centre. The restaurant offered a six-course tasting menu that changed every six weeks, based on different themes and cuisines. Some of the past menus included The Chippie, Childhood, New York and Mexico.

However, the restaurant has been closed since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and now the owners have decided to launch a new concept for the site. According to the planning application, the proposed fish and chip shop will be “a high quality, upmarket establishment” that will “enhance the character and appearance of the area”.

The application also states that the fish and chip shop will have a “minimal impact” on the amenity of the neighbouring properties, and that it will “complement the existing mix of uses” in Finnieston. The proposed opening hours are from 11am to 11pm, seven days a week.

A growing trend in Glasgow

The plans for Finnieston Six by Nico are part of a growing trend in Glasgow, where several restaurants have switched to offering takeaway food during the pandemic. Some of the examples include Ox and Finch, which launched Ka Pao at Home, a delivery service of South East Asian dishes, and The Gannet, which started The Gannet at Home, a collection service of seasonal Scottish food.

Finnieston Six by Nico to become a fish and chip shop

The owner of Six by Nico, Nico Simeone, has also launched Home by Nico, a nationwide delivery service of four-course meals that change monthly. The current menu is inspired by Paris, and features dishes such as duck confit, ratatouille and tarte tatin.

Simeone, who also owns restaurants in Edinburgh, Manchester, Liverpool, Belfast and London, said that Home by Nico was “a way of bringing a little bit of joy and escapism to people’s homes during these difficult times”.

A mixed reaction from the public

The plans for Finnieston Six by Nico have received a mixed reaction from the public, with some people expressing their excitement and others expressing their disappointment. On social media, some of the comments included:

  • “I love Six by Nico, but I also love fish and chips, so I’m happy with this.”
  • “This is such a shame, Finnieston Six by Nico was one of my favourite restaurants in Glasgow.”
  • “I hope they keep the same quality and creativity as Six by Nico, otherwise it will be a waste of a good location.”
  • “I think this is a smart move, fish and chips are always popular and there’s not many good ones in Finnieston.”
  • “I’m gutted, I was looking forward to trying their new menus when they reopened.”

The planning application for Finnieston Six by Nico is currently under consideration by Glasgow City Council, and a decision is expected to be made in the next few weeks.

By Ishan Crawford

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